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8 Aug 17 - 0931 EDT - blog - 3 pounds full of poop.


"If you can't poop don't worry about it, it will eventually come out."

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After publishing my daily blog and 2 videos, I phoned Arch Plumbing and 

asked for a written estimate of redirecting the gray water from the washing machine, 

shower and sink in the basement where my room is at. Arch Plumbing has submitted the 

lowest estimate so far at $3,000. I also phoned the Wayne County Health Department 

again wanting a simple yes or no answer to my question. The health department requires

a homeowner to complete the work in 30 days upon receiving their notice in the mail 

which we received several days ago and are now down to maybe 27 days and counting.

I told you in a recent blog that I went to the health department, as well as some other 

county offices, hoping to meet someone face-to-face to answer my question. The 

receptionist said that the person I wanted to see was out of the office, but took my 

message and house phone number promising to relay the message. I've phoned the health

department at least twice since then and have received no call backs. I'll try to phone again

tomorrow and if I don't get an answer to my question, I'll phone, having doing it a few 

times before, the Ohio State Health Department. I hate going over people's heads, but I 

simply need an answer to my question.

I later drove to Orrville to Rite Aid for prescription medications for myself and then to 

Buehler's grocery store for some food items for the house and 2 bags of mixed greens and 

other items I don't remember now, for myself. 

After returning to the house, I went outdoors to sit in the red swing under our largest tree, 

placed the webcam on the lawn mower facing me in preparation for phoning my brother, 

Roland. I tapped his phone number, it rang and went to voice mail and I left a message. If 

Roland is in Maine, he has a home in Lake Wales, Florida, visiting his daughter, Nicole, and 

son, Sean, the phone reception is not all that great at times. So, if I remember, I phone 

Roland again tomorrow and video/audio the conversation.

I sowed more grass seed in bare places in the yard, producing about 4 videos/audioes,

including the phone call to Roland, of me working hard in the yard. I ate another raw egg

when I took a break, but failed to video/audio it. There is 1 video on YouTube showing me 

eating a raw egg, but I now have so many videos (about 160) on YouTube, I can't 

remember which. After sowing the grass seed, digging up weeds, placing them on the fire

pit for drying and later burning and watering all the flower beds and my grass sowed bare 

places I quit about 5:30 to go indoors to shower, dress, make my usual salad, eat it and 

then went to bed.

**Today. Besides publishing my daily blog which I'm typing standing up and with my 

computer on top of my dresser, I should be able to publish at least 3 videos on YouTube

and mail a picture postcard to someone who lives in the United Kingdom.

I also need to phone the Wayne County Health Department again to see if there is 

someone there to answer my question about the 30 day limit on redirecting the gray  

water from the shower, sink and washing machine from draining into the ditch along 

Smucker Road to the sewer system just about 100 feet south and back of the house. 

I don't know what else I need to do today, but if I have time I need to drive to Lowes and 

Walmart in Wooster to purchase 3 bags of pearl black mulch and a few discounted plants,

maybe they'll have a perennial fern today, and at Walmart I saw 1 lone 40 pound bag of 

grass seed at $42 which I should have purchased on my last visit. 

If I have time after that, I hope, I can return to my flower beds to plant the newly bought

discounted plants, spread the bags of pearl black mulch on the 4 major and 3 minor 

flower beds in the front just south of Smucker Road.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 76° and 55° with sunny skies.

My Acurite Weather Gauge displays a present temperature of 65° (8:10 AM 8/8/2017 EDT),

a barometric pressure reading of 29.98 with no visible moon tonight. 

An ideal weather forecast for working in the flower beds and the yard although I like to 

experience 3 digit temperatures, maybe in August, still a hot month in this area of the 



**I told you one time that "I know you're tired of me talking about my health,"but I do 

need to talk about my health today. It's very important to me or you if you had my present 


My health is still good for someone my age, but just lately I've had trouble pooping. I eat 

foods that should encourage my pooping system to poop such as double fiber 100% wheat

bread, 4 different fermented foods, at least 4 kinds of fruit, slimy double layer wild caught 

King Oscar Sardine with extra virgin olive oil and mixed greens. Mother had the same 

problem for most of her life, me resorting to different measures to help her with her this 

affliction during the time when I helped her with her life for 12 years on and off. I did poop

about an hour ago, but I weighed after I pooped, the scale reading 199 pounds. I'm losing

weight from 212 pounds to 196 pounds, so if my calculations are correct I'm still 3 pounds 

full of poop.

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