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9 Aug 17 - 1024 EDT -blog - We are here on earth to help others.

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"Don't you care about others or are you like Bill Gates?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**Yesterday. After publishing my daily blog and maybe 2 videos, 1 of me phoning my 

brother Roland, I drove to Lowes where I purchased 3 bags of pearl black mulch and some 

discounted plants, 2 of which where annuals that need shade and will die in the fall. 

Everything I was doing was videoed/audio-ed both here and later at Walmart. After paying, 

I drove to Walmart over Burbank Road (U. S. Route 83), just a little over mile east in 

distance. We needed cottage cheese and I needed grass seed. I usually get potato wedges, 

but they were busy and because it looks like I'm always in a hurry, I didn't stop at the deli. 

I purchased the grass seed and cottage cheese, but as usual I found or remembered 

something else I needed. Dona Maria Tender Cactus, Spring Valley Advanced Strength 

Probiotic Dietary Supplement with 50 Billion Active Cultures and 10 Strains (whatever that 

means, I do strain to poop, but I don't think it's related), a 30 day supply for a little under 

$18. It guarantees, I was told to make you poop everyday, I needing to poop more after 

telling yesterday that I was 3 pounds full of poop. 

After paying at the self checkout, webcam running,  I drove back to the house where I 

unloaded the 3 bags of pearl black mulch, the grass seed and plants in the front yard near 

the front major flower bed that is the closes and parallel to Smucker Road.

I didn't fell like watering the flower beds after a long day and I know they'll hold out for 

another day. I prepared my salad and watched 'Criminal Minds' on TV and then to bed.

**Today. I have at least 8 videos to publish on YouTube, this daily blog I'm working on 

now, filling out and addressing a picture postcard of a Ohio map to someone in the United

Kingdom and to request another address from to mail a picture 

postcard to. 

The forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 79° and 58° with mostly sunny skies

with rain tomorrow and Friday. My reliable Acurite Weather Gauge displays the low 

of above at 58°, barometric pressure at 30.10 and no visible moon tonight. 

It seems like I'm always talking about poop or related areas of the body. I need to take 

another poop test I saw advertised on TV and called yesterday to get an appointment with 

Dr. Kwok. The appointment time is 3:10 PM and, hopefully, I'll have time before driving to 

Wooster to Dr. Kwok's office to work in the flower beds and the yard. I need to sow more 

grass seed in the bare places in the front yard and plant the 5 plants in the 4 major beds in 

the back yard.

I'll just have to wait and see how the rest of the day goes.


**From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"According to a 2017 Oxfam report, the top eight billionaires own as much combined 

wealth as "half the human race."

As of 2017, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has topped the list 18 of the past 23 years."

In a Bill Gates's interview with London Telegraph's, Neil Tweedie, Bill Gates said " I have 

no use for money. This is God’s work."

"Having already given away USD $28 billion, Bill Gates intends to eradicate polio, with the 

same drive he brought to Microsoft."



During my many years of life I've seen fine homes with maybe 5 bedrooms, 2 or 3 

bathrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 kitchenette, a garage for 5 vehicles, a lawn that maybe takes 6 

hours to mow, not mowed by the owner but someone they pay to mow the lawn.  Many of 

these mansions are on hilltops looking over their downtrodden and desperate brethren. 

From their ivory towers they look down not knowing or caring that we are all equal in 

God's eyes.

Do you donate to help humanity like I did at the Mennonite Disaster Relief Sale at the 

Wayne County Fairgrounds that  I went to recently, showing natives in Africa 

how to dig wells for fresh water, where they offered baked goods for donations, a small 

train rides for children for donations, a musical performance by the Jon Schmidt's in a 

show ring maybe for donations, a quilt auction, a silent auction and many other things to 

obtained donations to help others when a disaster happens anywhere in the world? Or to, 

just like above, show people how to help themselves in the hollows of Appalachia, the 

Rocky Mountains, cities, towns and other places where people are desperate for help in 

this country.

Are you a Bill Gates or one that doesn't care?

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