Tuesday, August 1, 2017

postcrossing - 1 Aug 17 - 1951 EDT - Kouvola, Finland

This time I'm going to do something different as a member of Instead of 

waiting until the picture postcard I send to someone gets to their mailbox and they 

register it, I'm going to inform them about their city, town or village and country and a 

little information about them from their profile and how to get to my YouTube videos and 

blog(s) by Googling Forrest Caricofe YouTube or Forrest Caricofe blog or go to: I also will tell them:

I publish a daily blog and post to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, digg, blogger, Pininterest, 

Linkedin, Tumbler, Stumbler Upon, OK, BK and other social media sites and upload my own 

videos to YouTube. 


And to you both:

Yesterday I typed and published the information about your city and country (Kouvola, 

Finland) in a blog, so now I need to publish this and email it to you, Johkup.

I uploaded the postcard yesterday and now I will uploaded the back of the pink envelope 

that I'm sending the postcard, dime, penny and stamp of a famous person in, then edit in, then to OnlyWire who in turn will share it with 23 social media sites. 

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