Wednesday, August 16, 2017

postcrossing - 16 Aug 17 - 1046 EDT - Magdeburg, Germany.

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Hello all, Guten Tag, 

"I am a 60 years old psychiatrist, and I love my work. I am always curious about people 

and other countries. 

I like travelling, but even more bycicle-tours in beautiful landscapes in eastern Germany. 

And I like swimming in a sea very much. 

I am interested in nature, history and very much in politics. If you like, please tell me how 

you like your government, it really interests me! 

For myself I can tell that I love democracy and justice, though I not always agree with our 

government. I also love the idea of EU. It just was born in the same year as I am.

For the moment, I must tell you that I am disgusted about our politics denying asylum to 

young Afghans and sending them back in there homeland, knowing exactly that there is 

no safety in Afghanistan for them.

I agree with you in all of the above, President Trump saying like it is and recognizing 

Taiwan and former presidents and your Prime Minister Angela Merkel, just like most all 

other countries sucking up to China and it's "One China policy." I've received a lot of 

picture postcards from Taiwan and they are always a kind gracious people.

I live in Magdeburg: 

or here: :

Please, please send me postcards from the place you live in. I love: 

- marketplaces 

- churches, cathedrals, mosques, tempels etc. 

but everything from where you live is okay.

Please don't send me postcards from other places then the one you live in!

Others I like are: 

- cats, if they are not so cute, NO JETOY 

- birds, but please no more tits, no eagles or vultures! 

- flowers, in particular bunches of flowers, 

- lucky, sad, angry or mad people. 

- Inge Löök postcards.

But please no cartoons or kitsch, no starwars or any kind of violence or war or 

glorification of it.

I prefer fotos to painted cards.

And please put no stickers on the postcard! You know what plastic does to our 


Really I love getting any kind of postcards!

"Be always cheerful!" ( 1. Thessalonians 5.16)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


City in Germany

"Magdeburg is the capital city and the second largest city of the state of Saxony-Anhalt, 

Germany. Magdeburg is situated on the Elbe River and was one of the most important 

medieval cities of Europe."

Temperature: 74°F. Temperature here: 82°F.

Local time: Wednesday 4:14 PM. Local time here: Wednesday 10:14 AM.

Population: 232,306 (2015). Smithville's population: 1,263 (2014) an increase of 11 people

since the 2010 census (1,252).

Plan a trip:

3-star hotel averaging $74."

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