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"Global Warming is a burden to humankind."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 329,000 results (0.95 seconds). 

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**YESTERDAY. I published 2 blogs and 1 video, the remainder of the day was 

driving to Orrville to Rite Aid for a prescription medication and to Bell Stores 

Marathon for gas for the lawn mower. After returning to he house, I drove the 45 

minutes time to the hair salon off Arlington Boulevard in Akron and then to 

Dollar Tree, Target, Walmart and Wendy's for takeout. By the time I drove back 

to the house it was about 7:30 PM, leaving just enough time for me to eat my 

double burger from Wendy's while watching 1 episode of 'Blue Bloods' on TV,

then my prayer and to bed. 

I was certainly tired and wore out which is not usual for me. You see, I expended

very little energy. And if read you some of my past blogs you know my saying: 

"the expenditure of energy creates energy." If I would have worked in the flower 

beds and the yard instead of driving and sitting most of the day, I would have 

had plenty of energy left.

**TODAY. Besides publishing this blog I'm working on, 5:49 AM 9/1/2017 EDT,

I need to publish 1 video and another postcrossing. I have several ideas for 

producing more videos and may have time to do at least 1 today. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 65° and 52° with 

mostly cloudy skies and rain tonight and tomorrow from the last remnants of 

Hurricane Harvey. It has been almost drought-like for the last week or so and the

plants and I will welcome the rain. 

I should have time to spread my last bag of pearl black mulch, dig up some 

weeds and place then on the fire pit, spread some Weed and Feed and plant some 

flower bulbs. 

I don't welcome the cold that comes with fall and winter just a few short months 

away, but I'll just have to contend with the 3 or 4 months of cold until I can 

welcome spring back again. If it weren't for my eye surgery, I would apply for a 

cart pushing job at Walmart, the only job I would take because of little 

supervision and I could be outdoors most of the time. It is not natural for me to 

stay in the house all the time like a house cat.


**Global Warming.

Excerpt from full article:

"To reach a point when the Earth was significantly warmer than today we’d need 

to go back 130,000 years, to a time known as the Eemian.

For about 1.8 m years the planet had fluctuated between a series of ice ages and 

warmer periods known as “interglacials”. The Eemian, which lasted around 

15,000 years, was the most recent of these interglacials (before the one we’re 

currently in).

Although global annual average temperatures were approximately 1 to 2˚C 

warmer than preindustrial levels, high latitude regions were several degrees 

warmer still. This meant ice caps melted, Greenland’s ice sheet was reduced and 

the West Antarctic ice sheet may have collapsed. The sea level was at least 6 m 

higher than today.

Across Asia and North America forests extended much further north than today 

and straight-tusked elephants (now extinct) and hippopotamuses were living as 

far north as the British Isles."


Emma Stone, Research Associate in Climatology, University of Bristol and Alex 

Farnsworth, Postdoctoral Researcher in Climatology, University of Bristol

This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original 


"The Pleistocene Epoch is typically defined as the time period that began about 

2.6 million years ago and lasted until about 11,700 years ago. The most recent 

Ice Age occurred then, as glaciers covered huge parts of the planet Earth."

Flooding and drought are the worst natural disasters in the United States, 

flooding killing over 100 people each year. 


"Most predictions say the warming of the planet will continue and is likely to 

accelerate. Oceans will likely continue to rise as well, but predicting the degree 

to which they will rise is an inexact science. The Intergovernmental Panel on 

Climate Change says we can expect the oceans to rise between 11 and 38 inches 

(28 to 98 centimeters) by 2100, enough to swamp many of the cities along the 

U.S. East Coast. More dire estimates, including a complete meltdown of the 

Greenland ice sheet, place sea level rise to 23 feet (7 meters), enough to 

submerge London."


I have relatives in or near the following locations and their elevations above sea 


Edenton, North Carolina                               13.12 feet

Lake Wales, Florida                                      148  feet

Omaha, Nebraska                                      1,090 feet

Shenandoah National Park, Virginia         4,000 feet

Harrisonburg, Virginia                               1,325 feet

Washington, D. C. (District of Columbia)    410 feet

Smithville, Ohio                                          1,063 feet

I'm assuming that Maine where my niece and nephew live is at sea level along 

the coast and they would need to move inland to on or near "Mount Katahdin, at 

5,276 feet above sea level, and the northern end of the Appalachian Trail."

In my brother Jerry and his wife Janet's case any rise in ocean waters over 13.12 

feet would necessitate they move inland, perhaps on or near "Mount Mitchell 

(elevation 6,684 ft.) and is the highest point east of the Mississippi River. About 

35 miles northeast of downtown Asheville, you reach Mount Mitchell via a very 

scenic drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway."

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