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10 Sep 17 - 0803 EDT - blog - Wayne County Fair.

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"How delightful is a county fair."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. I published 2 blogs, 1 a postcrossing about a picture postcard I 

mailed to someone who lives in Ottawa, Canada. I also published 3 videos of me 

dancing to music that is free for use from YouTube. I need faster music to dance

to because even at my age, I can dance a lot faster with more energy. 

I went outdoors in late morning to burn dried weeds in the fire pit, plant the 6 

plants in the sewer and back flower beds and then watered all flower beds and 

brown places in the yard where I had sown grass seed. 

I later drove to Orrville to Taco Bell, beef soft taco is my favorite, and to China 

Buffet for takeout. 

Back at the house, I prepared and ate my salad while watching 'Forensic Files'

on TV, said my prayer and then to bed.

**TODAY. After publishing 2 blogs, 1 about a picture postcard I received from

someone who lives in Belarus, I need to go outdoors to begin sowing grass seed,

spray weed killer on weeds in the driveway and in the yard, most of which are in  

the northeast corner of the lawn. The flower bulbs are still waiting for me to 

plant and I should have time to plant some of them today.The weather forecast 

calls for high and low temperatures of 70° and 45° with sunny skies, no rain 

until Tuesday, so it should be safe to spray weed killer with little chance of it 

washing off the weeds that I spray. 


**I've always like going to county fairs. Last year we went to the Wayne County 

Fair 3 times and once to the Ashland County Fair. The Wayne County Fair began 

yesterday with the major event being the truck and tractor pull. This is the only 

county fair I've heard of that schedules 3 country music performances. I 

purchased online tickets for tonight and tomorrow night's performances. 

Tonight's event was to be Montgomery Gentry, but if you like country music, 

you'll know, sadly, that Troy Gentry was killed in a helicopter crash yesterday.

The scheduled performers now are Lauren Alaina and Frankie Ballard. 

My favorite part of the fair is to see all the animals and exhibits as well as the 

business booths wanting to sell you a service, seeking donations and/or trying to 

get you to change your life to the good. I also like going to the Republican booth 

to keep up with the candidates and maybe to the Democratic booth to see how 

Hillary is doing. I also like barbecue chicken dinners and fair fries that are 

irresistible to me at the time and maybe 1 donut from Lerch's Donuts and you can 

see them being deep fried in the grease. 

I told you once before that I wanted to enter my flowers in the flower exhibits, 

but they only accept 1 perennial, an Aster. I also told you that I don't know the 

names of most of the flowers I plant, I just like the beauty of God's creation, so

I'll not enter the flower competition, I'll just keep the awesomeness of the 

flowers to God and myself. 

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