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11 Sep 17 - 1135 EDT - blog - A nice young man.

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"A stranger can become a life long friend in a few short minutes."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 6,290,000 results (1.88 seconds). 

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**YESTERDAY. I published 2 blogs, 1 a postcrossing to someone I received a 

picture postcard from who lives in Minsk, Belarus. I deleted a lot of my own 

videos on YouTube, now just under 100 videos from a high of about 190. 

In the early afternoon, I drove to the Wayne County Fair in Wooster. And as I 

typed yesterday: "Tonight's event was to be Montgomery Gentry, but if you like 

country music, you'll know, sadly, that Troy Gentry was killed in a helicopter 

crash yesterday. The scheduled performers now are Lauren Alaina and Frankie 

Ballard." Lauren Alaina is a rising star and put on a good performance engaging 

the sold out crowd with songs and dance. Frankie Ballard sings an off brand of 

country music, I preferring the old style of country music. 

I purchased what I thought was veggies with no breading, but after buying it I 

realized it had lay in the grease for several days. I later saw a building that 

housed a Buehler's Fresh Foods restaurant offering homemade meatloaf and 

several choices of sides, so tonight when we go back again to the fair for a Neal 

McCoy performance, I eat at the Buehler's Fresh Food's building. 

I did go to the Republican booth inside the fairgrounds main building listening 

and talking to some of the candidates, earlier looking from the aisle at the 

Democratic booth, but I didn't see Hillary, so I didn't go in. 

It was unusually chilly last evening, about 40°, and was glad to return to a warm

house and to sleep about 11:30 PM, quite late for me.

**TODAY. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 73° and 

49° with partly cloudy skies and no rain for the next 2 days. So, after I publish 

my daily blog and a postcrossing, I'll spray weed killer on the weeds in the 

driveway and those in the yard. I need temperatures between 60° and 80° to 

sow grass seed, the forecast predicting those same temperatures in a few days. 

I'll also pick the ripe roma tomatoes, plant some flower bulbs and water all the 

flower beds and brown places in the yard where I've sown grass seed. 

I'll also need to drive to Orrville to Rite Aid for a prescription medication and 

maybe some other items I can't think of right now. 

I can't remember if I told you or not, but we got our flu shots the other day at 

Rite Aid the and the pharmacist who gave us the shots said that we may need a 

booster to that later on. I've had my shingles and over 65 pneumonia shots 

and if your my age (74), you should get them both. 


**Every once in a great while you'll meet someone who you like immediately 

who you speak with for some length of time. Please don't get me wrong, I like 

everyone except those associated with evil. Most of my conversations are with 

total strangers and only for a few minutes or so and I've learned over the years 

of my life that listening is much more important than talking because you learn 

in listening to someone, but not in talking.

A very nice young man came to the house yesterday. He worked for DirectTV 

recently purchased by AT & T. He was there to replace all 3 of the boxes that 

hooked to our 3 TVs and to synchronize the satellite dish on the south roof of our 

house. He had a pleasant bedside DirectTV manner and by his actions of listening

and speaking in a quite manner, he should have been a doctor. 

He said that his wife worked for WONE and you know me, I Googled it coming up 

with Wire One Technologies, Wisconsin Organization of Nurse Executives and 

FM-97.5, Akron, Ohio, a radio station. I'm guessing she works for FM-97.5 

because Akron is just a 40 minute drive northeast of here, but it could be either 

of the other 2. 

It's always a pleasure to have company to the house who are so helpful 

answering all of our questions with so much patience and finesses. 

I have doctors in 4 stated and he was equal to the best of them.

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