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"A good and positive attitude is always better than a negative one."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. After publishing my daily blog and 1 postcrossing, I drove to 

Orrville to Rite Aid for a prescription medication and 2 cases of water. I never did

like buying water. As I told you before, our dog, Dolly Jo and I are the only ones 

who drink well water. Why pay for water when you can have water for nothing?

I then drove to Buehler's Fresh Foods for a single peach, a pear and 3 cartons of

Diet Caffeine Free Coke, 3 cartons for $10. 

I later drove to Wooster to the Wayne County Fair to see Neil McCoy and his 

band. His performance was really great compared to the performances of last 

night, he's a comedian and a singer all wrapped into one. He said that he and his 

band have performed at many USO (United Service Organizations) shows for 

the troops around the world and is on the road performing around 200 days a 


We returned to the house late and I got to sleep about 11:30 PM.

**TODAY. I have an appointment today and I hope I can finish my daily blog 

before leaving. If not, I'll be late with it for today.

I need to get out to flower beds and the yard to spread 3 bags of black mulch,

spray weed killer, sow grass seed and plant some of the flower bulbs. The 

weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 77°and 58° with partly

cloudy skies and no rain until Thursday, so today would be a good time to sow 

grass seed. 


**I have an appointment today at the Wooster Eye Center at 8:30 AM. I was told 

in previous letter from them to go on down to the basement. No, it's not the 

morgue, it's the Wooster Eye Surgery Center. I guess if you die from the surgery,

they won't have to move you very far, just to a body bag in another room. That's

what I call being efficient. I'm just kidding, I hope. The package of sheets that I 

received included 1 that I needed to fill out by hand listing all my medications, 

surgeries, family history, allergies (Tetracycline will stop my heart), and other 

things that they already know about, known to them because of previous visits. 

Other documents said that I was responsible if I died, became blind or other 

because I had signed a consent form to operate. 

I'm just kidding about most of the above because I believe everything will work 

out just fine. I'm I worried or afraid? Certainly not. I always have a good and 

positive attitude concerning any events in my life. 

For any unknown in my life, I always say "it's up to God."

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