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13 Sep 17 - 0814 EDT - blog - Driver's habits.

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"Sometimes other drivers are a pain in the arse."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. After publishing my daily blog, I drove to Wooster to the Wooster

Eye Center for my appointment at 8:30 AM. Actually, like I told you yesterday, it

was in the basement and its' name is the Eye Surgery Center of Wooster. It was 

for a pre-op and the young woman who interviewed me was an RN. I Googled RN 

and the search result was "Registered Nurse" or "Right Now," so I'm assuming 

those 2 acronyms used together means that the "Registered Nurse" wants to 

interview me "Right Now." She had one of those good old names of past, the first 

letter of her name being S. You know that I can't tell you the rest because of the 

Privacy Act of 1974. The interview went well, both of our questions answered 

and my vital signs were quite good. I am to phone the the surgical center on 

Monday to get an arrival time for my surgery on Thursday, September 28. 

After returning to the house I went outdoors and cut down to a 2 inch level from 

the ground, about 1/2 of the Cone Flowers and Black-eyed Susan's, dug up weeds 

and took them to the fire pit for burning later on. I spread 2 of the 3 bags of black 

mulch and sowed some grass seed and then watered all the flower beds and the 

places where I had sown grass seed. 

From not working hard in the flower beds and the yard for sometime, I was tired,

so I came indoors, took a shower and a quick nap.

When I woke up, I prepared and ate my usual salad while watching 'Criminal 

Minds' on TV, said my prayer and to bed.

**TODAY. After publishing my daily blog and a postcrossing about a picture 

postcard I received yesterday from Russia, I'll drive everyone to Orrville to Rite 

Aid for prescription medications for myself and an immuzation shot for us all. 

We are later planning to go shopping, not knowning yet where we are going. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 74°and 55° with 

scattered showers today and tomorrow, so I should get a break from watering 

the flower beds and yard as long as the showers scatter this way.

I told you before that I like giving, giving to all worth while organizations. I gave 

$2 twice to the American Red Cross at the Wayne County Fair. Just now, Google 

is accepting donations for Hurricane Irma and before that it was Hurricane 

Harvey. I, in both instances, gave $20, Google promising to double that by 

donating $40. So far, Google has raised $397,314 in reaching their goal of 



**Sometimes people's driving habits aggravate me some. No, I never suffered 

the affliction they call "road rage," just a little bit irritated from time to time. I 

obey, almost always, a town or city's speed limits, but I guess I should tell the 

truth, I do drive 5 miles per hour over the speed most of the time. Since I 

received a ticket for speeding recently, I've slowed down a lot from almost 30 

miles over the speed limit to 10 miles per hour over the speed limit on the 

country roads outside of town. I still take off like a "bat out of hell" from a idle to 

moving forward, much of the cars contents as well as the passengers holding on 

for dear life, shifting to the left or the right depending on which way I'm turning 


The other driver. About 1 out of 20 (estimated) vehicles have only 1 working tail

light, brake light or both and many would not use them if they worked. Many of 

these drivers who have working turn signals do not use them at all or wait until

they get to a stop sign or signal light to use them. What do they intend for me to

do in following them? Guess which way their going or not going? Beats me.

Some drivers do not fully stop at stop signs or don't stop at all. Maybe they are 

reading the word stop backwards, POTS (Pedestrians Only are To Stop). 

And another thing. Why must people use their horns. Whatever is going to 

happen, whether it be an accident or someone sitting at a green light too long, is

going to happen. I can never remember using my horn and that is another loud 

noise that is a irritant to my excellent hearing. 

Maybe I just need to be patient with other drivers. I should plenty of patience

with my years of living.

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