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14 Sep 17 - 0829 EDT - blog - Are we afraid of dying?

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"Are most of us afraid of dying with no hope of an afterlife?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: bout 2,050,000 results (1.15 seconds). 

No results found for "Are most of us afraid of dying with no hope of an afterlife?"


**YESTERDAY. After publishing 2 blogs, 1 a postcrossing, I drove everyone to 

Rite Aid in Orrville and to Drug Mart and Walmart in Wooster. I was not quite 

felling my usual self with chills and a tiredness that are rare for me, so I set in 

the Honda while they shopped. 

After driving back to the house, I received a phone call from Wade Plumbing 

saying he would stop by, he was now in Medina, to explain everything he and his

crew would do in redirecting the grey water from the washing machine, shower 

and sink from going in to the ditch along Smucker Road to the sewer system 

south of the house. The final estimate that I signed was a total of $10,250. He 

said they would began Monday, September 18, unless the jobs he was working 

on now required more time.

After he left I ate a bowl full of chili while watching 'Law and Order' on TV, said 

my prayer and then to bed. 

**TODAY. I'm feeling much better today after not feeling so well yesterday. 

After typing my daily blog and maybe a postcrossing, I need to go outdoors to 

cut the dying cone flowers and black-eyed susans' near the ground, spread the 

last bag of black mulch and sow more grass seed. The weather forecast calls for 

high and low temperatures of 70°and 53° with scattered showers and then no 

rain until next Thursday. If the forecast is true we're in for a long dry spell. I'm 

always a little worried about the underground water level and the well when I

have to water the flower beds so many times.


**It's 6:01 AM 9/14/2017 EDT and I'm up to a brand new day. How many brand 

new days do we have left? If you're like me and have goals you want to 

accomplish here on earth, you would certainly like to have a lot more days here 

on earth. 

Which brings me to the point I'm trying to make. I'm I afraid of dying when we 

know that dying is a part of life. Let's say I'm told that I have a month to live 

because of some life ending physical ailment. Will I grovel and cry because of my

impending death or stand up and accept my life's end like a man? 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Eternal oblivion

"In philosophy, eternal oblivion (also referred to as non-existence or 

nothingness) is the permanent cessation of one's consciousness upon death. 

This concept is often associated with religious skepticism and atheism, and is 

based in part on the lack of objective evidence for an afterlife.

Consciousness is the basis of subjective experience, agency, self-awareness, and 

awareness of the surrounding natural world. According to neuroscientist Giulio 

Tononi, consciousness is "all we are and all we have: lose consciousness and, as 

far as you are concerned, your own self and the entire world dissolve into 


Is the above true that when we die, we "dissolve into nothingness"" or do we 

join God in Heaven?

If I'm unconscious forever why should I be afraid? If I'm going to Heaven, why 

should I be afraid? Most people with life ending physical ailments are afraid of 

dying with extreme pain and not so much the act of dying, but pain can be 

alleviated with prescription medications such as morphine. 

All of this brings me back to the above: "Which brings me to the point I'm trying 

to make. I'm I afraid of dying when we know that dying is a part of life." 

In reality, I guess I won't know that until the end of my life here on earth is 

close at hand.

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