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"What would we do without a cellular telephone?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 4,270,000 results (1.17 seconds). 

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**YESTERDAY. I spent most of the late morning and early afternoon working in 

the flower beds and the yard. I have not had to mow the yard for the last 10 days

more or less because of little rain although it did rain last night, but not enough 

yet to necessitate mowing the lawn. 

I cut down the cone flowers, the black-eyed susans and some other plants that 

are dying because of decreasing temperatures. I picked another bunch of roma 

tomatoes, the tomato plant that should produce yellow tomatoes in memory of 

Mother producing nothing but green tomatoes yet. 

I sowed grass seed in about 1/2 of the yard that needing sowing, hoping to 

finish that tomorrow. 

I quit about 3:00 PM, shaved, showered, dressed and ate chicken and a sweet 

potato with plenty of butter while watching 'Killer Couples' on TV, said my prayer

and then to bed about 8:00 PM.

**TODAY. I'm up and typing about 5:00 AM. 

After 9:00 AM, I need to make phone calls to Wells Fargo in Minnesota to arrange

a meeting with a title representative to change our present house tile into a new 

one which is necessary for refinancing our house. 

I also need to make a phone call to Medicare to try and fix an incorrect billing on 

their part. And you know how big government agencies are, the bigger they are 

the harder it is to resolve your problem. I can remember not long ago of 

remaining on the phone for over 3 hours with a state government agency and at

the end they hung up on me. I guess they got tired of me waiting. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 76°and 55° with fog,

the next forecast for rain on Monday and Tuesday. I should have time to sow  

most of the remaining grass seed, burn the dried weeds in the fire pit, spray 

weed killer and plant at least some of the flower bulbs. 


**Are we a slave to our cellular phones? 

I remember when I was about 12 years old that my grandmother Caricofe had

a telephone on the south wall of her living room. Grandmother would take the 

listening device off of its' handle, ring the crank and then speak in to the 

stationary receiver when the operator answered. She would then tell the 

operator who she wanted to speak to and the operator would then connect her to

the person she asked for. Grandmother was on a party line meaning that those 

on the party could pick up their phones and listen to any gossip 24 hours a day, 

seven days a week. I don't know where the operators were at, maybe in 


We've come a long way since then, with landline phones with a listening, 

receiving and numbers to dial on 1 handset and what most people have today, a

cellular phone. Many are faces-to-phone, try being friendly to them. I've had my 

Android celluar phone for about 2 years and I've just learned to get to my voice

mail. I don't have internet yet, relying on the old fashioned way of using my 

computer. I need to phone Total Wireless, but most often the person I talk to are

just learning to speak English. They say that you can ask for a person who 

speaks better English, but that would be rude on my part. 

The first cellular device I owned was a Motorola 2900 Bag Phone which served 

my purpose at the time, but failed to connect in the lower valleys of West 

Virginia and Virginia. 

The History and Evolution of Cell Phones.

By: Amanda Ray   Filed under: Gaming & Technology.

January 22, 2015.

Excerpt of full article:

"“I believe in the future, cell phones will become even more naturally in sync 

with our biological reflexes and processes such as eye movement, thought 

processes, kinesthetic, cultural preferences,” she says.

It’s not just about how we will change cell phone, Grullon says.

“The question is, how will the cell phone change us?”"

Patricia Grullon, an Industrial Design instructor at The Art Institute of Fort 


And what is Patricia Grullon saying? A device without a brain will control us who 

have a brain?

Maybe I should forget about phoning Total Wireless. 

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