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18 Sep 17 - 0851 EDT - American football.

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"Sports games are an American tradition."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 20,600,000 results (1.40 seconds). 

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**YESTERDAY. After publishing 2 blogs, 1 a postcrossing about someone I 

received a picture postcard from in Great Britain, I drove to Walmart in Wooster. 

A Kmart on southeast side of Wooster has closed during the past week that is on

the route I follow to Walmart. I believe that Kmart is now only a part of history,

their joint venture with Sears & Roebuck failing to keep Kmart profitable. A hint

of that I saw recently was that Ace Hardware is now selling Craftsman tools, 

were before these tools were Sears & Roebuck's top selling item.

At Walmart I purchased 2 cartons of canned Sprite at $3.33 a piece, a box of 

probiotics for about $10, a carton of Boost for about $10, a package of 

hamburger buns for about $2.50 and some other things that I can't remember

for right now. 

After returning to the house, I unloaded the purchased items, then fried some 

onions and hamburgers and sliced some tomatoes, eating two hamburgers along

with the fried onions while watching football for about a 1/2 hour and then 'Law

and Order, Criminal Intent' then my prayer and to bed.  

**TODAY. After publishing this blog I'm working on right now, 6:55 AM, and 

maybe a postcrossing, I need to go outdoors and water the flower beds and pick

some more tomatoes. 

I also need to phone Eye Surgery Center of Wooster to obtain an arrival time for 

my cataract removal surgery on September 28 and take the trash containers to 

the front for Waste Management to pick up.

Wade Plumbing phoned last evening and said that would not start in their work 

on redirecting the gray water that's running into the ditch along Smucker Road

to the sewer system south of the house today, but would start tomorrow around

9:00 AM. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 82°and 59° with 

partly cloudy skies. The forecast is for rain tomorrow, but not even a sprinkle 

through next Monday after tomorrow. The high and low temperatures will be 

much same as Indian summer continues to reign. 

For the rest of this day, who knows.


**I told you above that I watched about 1/2 hour of professional football 

yesterday. I like watching when games are close,  like the "Thrilla in Manila."

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

"The Thrilla in Manila was the third and final boxing match between Muhammad 

Ali and Joe Frazier. It was contested in 1975 for the heavyweight championship 

of the world at the Philippine Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines, on 

Wednesday, October 1."

What American professional sport do Americans like watching most? Professional

football, of course, as you can see from below:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

      Sport                   Favorite sport       Participants

American football        38.8%               8.9 million

Basketball                 15.3%             24.4 million

Baseball/Softball        14.8%             23.3 million

Soccer                           8.2%             13.6 million

I played football in high school suffering only minor injuries except for cracked 

ribs that prevented me from playing for a few games. 

I  played football in college for a very short time because of a concussion I

suffered from a helmet to helmet contact. The coaches and other players at the 

time thought it was funny that I was almost unconscious, so I quit, using common

sense thinking that I might have brain damage from more hard contacts like this.

Why are people so enthralled with watching American football? Is it because of 

hard contact that I mentioned above like the gladiators of old during the reign of 

the Romans?

I believe some spectators are addicted to the game, spending a lot of their hard

earned money on tailgate parties, tickets and food inside in the stands. Ultra 

loyal fans are like: "The Dawg Pound is the name of the bleacher section behind 

the east end zone in FirstEnergy Stadium, the home field of the Cleveland 

Browns, a National Football League (NFL) franchise based in Cleveland, Ohio."

They do not waiver in there support of their Browns even though the Browns 

have not had a winning record for years and so far this year another perfect 

record at 0-2. 

Seems to me that some fans live and breath football. 

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