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19 Sep 17 - 0841 EDT - Inconvenience.

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"Are most of us opposed to inconvenience?" 

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. After my usual publishing's, I drove to Orrville to Rite Aid to get 

my Seroquel 100 mg tabs that I've named Sarah Palin which allows me through

word association to remember my prescription medications. I have about 9 

prescription medications that I take on a daily basis and have my own made-up 

names for each and were discussed in earlier blogs. I also purchased strawberry

Boost, 2 six packs, and some other things I've forgotten about. 

I then drove to Goodwill where I donated a bag of clothing and then walked into 

the store where I purchased 4 containers for about $11. After that I drove to 

Restoration Thrift where I purchased 2 more large plastic containers. Save-A-Lot

is just to the north of Restoration Thrift, so I walked in where I purchased 1/4 

of a watermelon, a bag of Russet potatoes, 2 thick milk chocolate candy bars and

a Peppermint Pattie for myself. 

After returning to the house after a long day, I prepared and ate my salad while 

watching 'Snapped' on TV. I had been watching 'Criminal Minds' earlier, but it 

now has become too violent for me to watch. Then my simple prayer and to bed.

**TODAY. After publishing 2 blogs, 1 a postcrossing about someone who mailed

to me a picture postcard from Germany, I need to fax documents to _________

in Minnesota as a another step in refinancing our property. 

Hopefully, I'll get time to plant grass seed, plant some flower bulbs and begin 

sanding the caulking I roughed finished on the back enclosed deck. 

Every time I turn around, the weather changes. The forecast calls for high and 

low temperatures of 77°and 59° with scattered showers both today and 

tomorrow and then no rain through next Tuesday. There are some places in the 

lawn that need mowing and I might do that today for the first time in 2 weeks 

because of the dry spell. 


**Are we sometimes inconvenienced by something we have no control over? The 

answer, of course, is yes. 

The Ohio state code requires that our gray water from the sink, shower and the 

washing machine in the basement must be redirected from running into the ditch

along Smucker Road to our sewer system about 100 feet south of the house. 

There is no way out of us having this done unless we sell the house and let the 

new owners be responsible for having this work accomplished. We are not quite 

old enough yet to downsize and purchase a condo or live in an apartment where 

most of the maintenance is done by the owner/landlord.

Wade Plumbing will be here today to begin work. They will jackhammer the floor

to get to the drain lines after moving the washing machine, sink and shower from

the laundry room into the TV room. 

We have already moved glassware from a large cabinet that may not have to be 

moved at all. We've removed laundry and cleaning supplies, 2 rugs, a weight 

scale, buckets of paint from the small room just south of the laundry room, 

baskets of newly washed cloths and a waste basket. 

Wade Plumbing will be here at about 9:00 AM. The owner, according to his 

signed by us proposal will expect a check for $5,125.00 at the start which is 

today, $2,562.50 after rough inspection and concrete is poured and the same 

amount of $2,562.50 after finishing, a grand total of $10,250.00.

Am I inconvenienced? Maybe just a little. I'll now need to shower in the bathtub on

the middle floor of the house and I'll have no sink in this basement where I sleep 

to spit my cough ups in. 

Wade plumbing says they may take 2 to 3 weeks to finish the job, so I must, 

having normally little patience and still hyper at my age, I'll just have to deal 

with it.

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