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20 Sep 17 - 0741 EDT - blog - Doodle do's, rear ends and twats?

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"Why do people laugh at the words, doodle do's, rear ends and twats?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 30,100 results (1.11 seconds). 

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and twats?"


**YESTERDAY. After publishing 2 blogs, 1 a postcrossing about a picture 

postcard I received from someone who lives in Marburg, Germany, I spent most 

of the rest of the day driving to Orrville and back to the house.

Lily of the Valley who is basically in charge of our application to refinance our 

property through Wells Fargo needed a document faxed to her own personal fax 

number on Wells Fargo Way in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I go to Buehler's Fresh 

Foods to have any documents faxed at $1 a page. That was the first trip to 

Orrville and back. 

Buehler's failed to fax the only one page that was necessary, so back to Buehler's 

I went. That's the second trip to Orrville. 

I failed to get some necessary cash from my PNC ATM, so back to the bank in 

Orrville that's within walking distance from Buehler's for the 3rd time to the 

same location. 

The 4th drive to Orrville and back was to Dravensttots for takeout. 

I had plans, but no time to sow grass seen, plant the flower bulbs, mow the lawn 

or water the flower beds. That quote by (1) Lewis Carroll: “The hurrier I go, the 

behinder I get”seems quite appropiate for this day. 



Wade Plumbing was here from about 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, replacing most of the

rusted and leaking iron piping with copper piping in the room where the water 

conditioner and well tank are located as well as the outside faucet that has been

leaking for sometime. They also replaced the soft water conditioner filter with a 

new one and where concerned about a frayed 220 line that needs to be replaced.

This will add to the final cost of the work, but Charlie, the boss, is always 

concerned about doing the best job they can for the safety of a house's residents.

This house was well built in 1945, when I was 3 years old, with oak boards and 

brick, so I can expect some pipe failures from 72 years ago. 

In the house finally for the last time, I prepared my usual salad with a 1/2 of 

baby back ribs on the side and ate it while watching 'Criminal Minds' on TV. Then 

my prayer and to sleep about 9:30 PM. When I pray, I don't pray for myself, but I 

was tempted to ask for a better day tomorrow. 

**TODAY. Besides publishing my daily blog, I hope to get the things done that I 

didn't get done yesterday. I haven't produced any videos for a while and need to 

get back to doing it and I'll explain further in I HAVE SOMETHING ON MY MIND.

Wade Plumbing will start work at 8:00 AM and quit each day at 4:00 PM. 

According to Hank, this entire project will take 2 weeks until completion. You 

know I need to remember names. It is important to me and the one I'm speaking

to. So far I remember Charlie, the boss and owner, Hank and Charlie's son, 

Daniel. I believe there are 5 total, so I need to remember 2 more names.

I need to drive to a doctor's appointment at 2:00 PM, so I don't know how much 

I'll get done except for that since the appointment is in Barberton about an 

hour's drive distance. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 81°and 59° with 

scattered thunderstorms and much the same temperatures and no rain through

next Wednesday. Because of other things I've needed to do, I've neglected the 

flower beds and the yard. If it doesn't rain before 5:00 PM, I'll need to water the 

flower beds and pick some ripe tomatoes. 


**My most viewed video on YouTube "I have to pee bad!" Why do some people  

get so excited about doodle do's, rear ends and twats?

People seem to enthralled with those 3 words, not arms, legs, faces, feet, toes, 

fingers, etc., but wankers, bungholes and tushes. 

Why is that do you think? Is it because we are brought up not to say these words 

and on becoming adults we become rebellious? 

I don't understand why we continue to use wing dang doodle, arse and orifice. 

Maybe some people are trying to impress or get a laugh out of their friends. I 

would not say these words to impress, but I would say bell on a pole, rump and 

snatch to make someone laugh. 

In order to get more views on my YouTube videos do I need to resort to 

producing videos that are about burritos, fannies and beavers?

Would doing this mandate me to label the video parental guidance? I don't know 

that. There seems to be a fine line to me between parental guidance and not 

parental guidance. 

What if I just used a milder form of the above words such as baby-maker, 

buttocks and slit? That might work. The 3 words are always opposite each other 

on the same part of the body.

Or maybe I should type ding a ling less, butt less and twat less. 

Bottom line, I need to produce more videos that are about third legs, bottoms 

and openings.

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