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21 Sep 17 - 0851 EDT - blog - Loneliness.

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"Is loneliness a companion of many of us, but at the same time not feeling 


Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 5,420,000 results (1.32 seconds). 

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time not feeling alone?"


**YESTERDAY. I was early with my usual publishings of a blog that was related 

to doodle dos, rear ends and twats and a postcrossing that was about a picture 

postcard I received from someone who lives in Strasbourg, France and I was not 

delayed by Wade Plumbing whose employees, Clay and Hank, arrived just after 

8:00 AM. In an earlier blog I told you that Wade Plumbing had 5 employees

working in the house, but there are only 4, Charlie, the owner, Clay, Hank and 

Charlie's son, Daniel. 

Someone told me that it rained last night, I did not hear it because my sleeping 

room is in the basement and because of my 6 hours more or less of sleep, Sarah

Palin (Seroquel) being my sleeping companion. 

The doctor's appointment at Barberton Hospital consumed most of my afternoon

and evening, stopping at China Buffet for takeout after the appointment. 

I watched "Law and Order' on TV while eating my supper, then my prayer and to


**TODAY. 7:23 AM 9/21/2017 EDT. I just woke up, sleeping for about 9 hours 

which is certainly a rarity for me. Every time I get little physical exercise, I'm

exhausted because of sitting in the Honda and in the waiting room like I did 


The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 86°and 59° with 

partly cloudy skies and no rain until next Wednesday and the next day with a 

high temperature of 69° will mean the beginning of the end of Indian summer. 

I have no responsibilities, as far as I know, and should be able to plant the 

remainder of the grass seed, spray some weed killer, plant at least some of 

the flower bulbs and pick some more ripe tomatoes. 

And for the rest of the day, only God knows for certain.


**I believe I've told you something about this subject before this. 

Why do some people seem so lonely? 

I've been alone a lot in my life, even in a crowd of people or in a house with few 

people. I've not felt alone. Why is that? I have few answers to that particularly

question. Maybe it's because I've grew up learning to be alone and not relying on

anyone else. 

I like being independent and doing almost everything for myself. I believe that 

I'm more free because of that. 

Am I selfish in wanting to be alone? Perhaps. But I do like helping other people

with their daily lives when they need me. 

Is being alone actually learned or is it because of my inherited genetics? My 

Uncle Paul was alone for a lot in his life, but that was due to his drinking and 

abnormal behavior. I haven't drank for 30 years, but is my behavior abnormal?

Again, perhaps. 

I have needed help in my life. In 1998 my heart stopped and many people were

involved in keeping me alive and a few surgeries after that to implant a 

defibrillator on about 4 occasions and 1 time the removal of a defective Sprint 

lead and the surgical implant of another. And I've needed help on many other 

occasions which I can't remember for now. But if I would have had it my way, 

most of these occasions I would have liked to do it by myself.

And my initial question from the top: Why do some people seem so lonely? 

I'm not one of those people.

I'm not really alone you know. God has been my sidekick and friend for the 

almost 75 years of my life.  

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