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24 Sep 17 - 0821 EDT - blog - Is all news bad news?

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"Why do we prefer bad news over good news?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. I published 1 blog and 4 tweets that were shared to Facebook. 

For the rest of the morning and the early afternoon, I watched college football on 

TV in games that had close scores and not ones that appeared to have runaway 


In the late afternoon, I drove to Orrville to Dravensott's for takeout then back to 

the house, prepared and ate my nightly salad while watching 'Law and Order, 

Special Victim's Unit' on TV, my prayer and to bed. 

**TODAY. Besides publishing my daily blog, a postcrossing about someone I 

received a picture postcard from who lives in Russia and a few tweets, I plan to 

mail a postcard to someone in the world after obtaining an address from and clean my room. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 89°and 61° with 

sunny skies and no rain forecasted for the next 7 days. Temperatures will fall this

next Thursday about 18° indicating an end to Indian summer. I have not watered 

the flower beds for 2 days, so I need to do that today. 


**How would most of us live if we didn't have news and maybe only the weather

to talk about? Two hundred years ago, news did not travel fast even the short 

distance from Washington, D. C. to the border state of Virginia to its' west. I have 

met just a few people in my lifetime who didn't watch or listen to the news 

telling me all news was bad news. For the most part they are right, bad news is 

a priority for the news networks because that's what people like to hear or see. 

In the end, we cannot blame the news for bad news but only ourselves for 

watching it. 

The 2 brief news items below are 1 good news of Angela Merkel and 1 bad news, 

at least to Mark Zuckerburg it's bad. 

**Angela Merkel, age 63, is running for a 4th term as Chancellor of Germany. 

Because of her popularity both in Europe and in Germany, the German voters 

should give to her a landslide victory.

One of her quotes: "Whoever decides to dedicate their life to politics knows that 

earning money isn't the top priority."

**Mark Zuckerburg has failed in his attempt to split Facebook with non- voting 

stock citing class action law suits.  

**I read that President Trump has asked NFL (National Football League) fans to

boycott games because of the American flag knelling of some players. 

I'd like to take it a step further and tell them to leave this country if they don't 

like our flag and what it stands for. I remember Alec Baldwin and other 

Hollywood actors/actresses threatening to leave this country if a Republican 

president was elected. Are they still here? Sure they are. They know what a great 

country this is. 

**Reports say that Iran is now working with North Korea to escalate their 

capabilities in launching nuclear missiles. President Trump says that a North 

Korean missile attack on the U. S. would mean that their leaders would not be 

around after that, while 2/3rds the American people are against an attack on 

North Korea and trust the generals more than President Trump. 

I'm on the side of both the generals and President Trump along with 1/3rd of the 

American people. 

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