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"Why is so much violence and natural disasters favored by a majority of the 


Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 3,770,000 results (1.36 seconds). 

No results found for "Why is so much violence and natural disasters favored by a 

majority of the population?"


**YESTERDAY. After publishing my blog and a postcrossing, I drove to Orr Suds 

Laundromat in Orrville. Some time ago the same building use to be a McDonald's

and then a hair salon in the front and a insurance agency in the back. 

With the water turned off in the basement because of the work being done by 

Wade Plumbing, I needed to wash and dry some bed clothes and other items. 

I've always enjoyed going to laundromats, remembering the 1 that I went to in 

Las Vegas when I was there sleeping in the Honda. I had accumulated enough 

clothing to last 30 days, mostly 100% polyester, so I needed to drive there only

once a month located just north of the Mountain View Hospital where my 

doctor's office is located. 

My enjoyment in going to laundromats is meeting friendly people whose 

backgrounds I do not know that may cause some distractions or disagreements.

After returning to the house, I watered the flower beds which, like the lawn, 

where dry as a bone having not rained and none forecasted for the next several


During the early afternoon I watched the Cleveland Browns play the Indianapolis

Colts, the Browns once again losing and with their beginning as usual at 0-3. 

Later on, getting tired of lopsided victories, I prepared and ate my usual salad 

while watching 'Law and Order', my prayer and then to bed.

**TODAY. After publishing my daily blog, I need to drive to Orrville to the Ohio 

Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) to change a title. I don't know at this time if I 

need to go there first or do I need to go to the registrar's office above the police

department downtown?

Orrville is the only town in Wayne County besides Wooster, the county seat, that

has a BMV office. Orrville's population is 8,505 (2016), but increases to over 

10,500 during the daytime 5 day work week when Smucker's employees are at 

work here. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 88°and 59° with 

partly cloudy skies. They forecast for the coming week has changed, thank 

Heaven, from no rain for a week to rain on Wednesday and the next day Indian 

summer will end with a high temperature of 66°.

And for the rest of the day, that's up to God. God is the only one I know that can 

forecast the future.


**As I told you above, I have a 30 day supply of 100% polyester clothing. 

Polyester is moisture wicking, made from petroleum, dries faster and doesn't 

wrinkle. What else could you ask for? At the laundromat yesterday, it took 4 times

as long to dry cotton clothing than my polyester shorts and T-shirts.  

**As I told you the other day people like to watch or read news items related to

violence or disasters. The more violence and/or disasters a news agency

produces the more loyal readers they have. And below to name just a few:

*Tennessee church shooting.

*California shooting.

*Model. Murdered, scalped and drained of blood. 

*Second Mexico earthquake.

*50,000 people flee the Indonesian Island of Bali, fearing the beginning of a 


*Colin Kaepernick, the second string quarterback, is still kneeling at the National

Anthem. If it weren't for the framers of our constitution, we'd be able to deport 


Any good news on this day 9/25/2017 EDT?

*Angela Merkel picked up 32.5 percent of the votes, a majority, in Sunday's 

election to win her 4th term as Germany's chancellor. 

*President Trump says that his proposed tax cut would be the largest in U. S. 


Although other variables might be introduced here, the result is like a baseball 

score, bad news 6 and good news 2.

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