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"Is tension learned or inherited?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 15,300,000 results (1.02 seconds).

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**YESTERDAY. I spent much of morning and early afternoon, after publishing my 

daily blog in gathering the peaches and tomatoes from the back flower beds and 

placing them in 8 quart slider bags, 4 with tomatoes and 4 with peaches. I left 1

bag of peaches and 1 bag of tomatoes to the Waste Management employee and 

the same to the man across and opposite our house on Smucker Road and the 

mailman keeping 2 bags of the same for myself. The mailman did not take my 

offering, I believing that he prefers junk food to that that is healthy.                      

I later drove to my PNC (Pittsburgh National Corporation) in Orrville to complete 

a business matter and to Rite Aid for a prescription medication. 

After returning to the house for a short while, I again drove to Orrville to the 

registrar's office above the police and found out that we needed to go the 

probate office in Wooster first. 

I was pretty much the only one that was not complaining about the heat nearing 

90° at the hottest part of the day. Just wait until December, January and 

February when temperatures will reach only 20° or less. The same people who 

complained about the heat will be complaining about the cold.

Later in the evening and back at the house, I ate 2 helpings of pinto beans that 

contained 2 packages of bacon while watching 'Law and Order' on TV, then my 

prayer and to bed.

**TODAY. Wade Plumbing will work in the house after working on another job 

yesterday and the water will be turned off all day. 

So, what will I do after typing my daily blog standing here with my computer on

top of dresser? 

1.    I need to mail 2 picture postcards to people that I have addresses for as a 

member of postcrossing.

2.    Combine what I have tweeted in the last 3 days and publish them as a blog.

3.    I have not produced a video on YouTube for 10 days more or less and I need

to start producing videos again.

4.    There are many peaches under the peach tree in the southwest corner flower

bed that I need to gather up today before the insects ruin them. 

5.    My tomato plants are on their last legs, but still producing tomatoes, so I'll 

gather those that are ripe today. 

6.    I have a bag of 13-13-13 fertilizer that I've not used yet and could spread 

that on the flower beds and the lawn depending on the instructions. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 89° and 59° with 

sunny skies and rain forecasted for tomorrow. The temperatures will dip to a high

of 67° on Thursday, hopefully satisfying those people who are complaining about 

the heat. 


**The definition of tension is "mental or emotional strain; 

intense, suppressed suspense, anxiety, or excitement."

Do I display or feel tensed? Almost never, but I can sense the tension in public 

places or other gatherings of people. 

I used a pharmacy once that I could see and feel tension. I know who caused it,

but, of course, I will not give you their name. 

We have all experienced tension in our work places and other places where at 

least you and some others are present. 

I always avoid tension if I can, preferring happy and smiling faces. And why?

Tension causes health problems and because I avoid tension, I'm in pretty good

health for my age.

*In 2020, Target will raise its' minimum wage to $15.00.

*Animal rights group removes chickens from a farm in Denver.

*Anthony Weiner, a friend of a friend of Hillary is sentenced to almost 2 years for 

a sexting scandal and will be a sex offender for life. 

*Google is celebrating Gloria E. Anzaldua's 75th birthday. 

*Puerto Rico is suffering a humanitarian crisis after Hurricane Maria swept 

through the island.

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