Tuesday, September 26, 2017

26 Sep 17 - 0901 EDT - Tweets.


7:32 AM 9/23/2017 EDT

**Are we in the world nearing a point in which are sins are too great, Allah, God 

and other Gods intending to destroy our home, planet earth?

**I just heard that Dolly Parton has been criticized for being too American. I 

really like her for that.

**Are Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria an act of God or an act from God?

Think about it.

**Why is it that President Trump must be the only world leader standing up to 

the dictator Kim Jong-un and his threat to the human race?

7:31 AM 9/24/2017 EDT

**Angela Merkel, age 63, is running for her 4th term. She should receive a 

landslide victory because of her immense popularity in Germany.

8:18 AM 9/25/2017 EDT.

**Colin Kaepernick, the second string quarterback, is still kneeling at the 

National Anthem. If it weren't for the framers of our constitution, we'd be able to 

deport him.

*Angela Merkel picked up 32.5 percent of the votes, a majority, in Sunday's 

election to win her 4th term as Germany's chancellor. 

*50,000 people flee the Indonesian Island of Bali, fearing the beginning of a 


*President Trump says that his proposed tax cut would be the largest in U. S. 


*Model. Murdered, scalped and drained of blood.  Fake news? If the news source 

is CNN (Chaos News Network) it is.

*Trump compares the NFL (disrespect) to NASCAR who hold their hands over 

their hearts and tears in the singing of the Star-Spangled Banner.

5:48 AM 9/26/2017

*Anthony Weiner, a friend of a friend of Hillary is sentenced to almost 2 years for 

a sexting scandal and will be a sex offender for life. 

*In 2020, Target will raise its' minimum wage to $15.00.

*Does Kim Jong-un have any kids? Maybe he's too fat (over 300 pounds for a 

short fu^$) to produce offspring?

*Animal rights group removes chickens from a farm in Denver.

*Google is celebrating Gloria E. Anzaldua's 75th birthday. 

*Puerto Rico is suffering a humanitarian crisis after Hurricane Maria swept 

through the island.

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