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"Why do old people suffer the costs of  being old?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 12,900,000 results (0.93 seconds). 

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**YESTERDAY. I published 3 blogs: my daily blog, 1 of a picture postcard I 

received in the mail from someone who lives in Switzerland and a list of tweets 

that I had posted during the last several days. 

I later drove to Orrville to Ace Hardware to purchase the cheapest 3 tubes of Ace

white caulk. 

Wade Plumbing was here all day working on the piping that will eventually 

redirect all of the gray water from running into the ditch along Smucker Road to 

our sewer system 100 feet more or less south of the house. 

I later went outdoors to my favorite weather, almost 90° with sunny skies. I 

gathered up a 1/2 bucket of peaches from the ground under the peach tree in the

southwest corner flower bed and more ripe tomatoes from the tomato plants in 

the southeast flower bed. Because of our near drought and not knowing the

underground water level, I watered only the back flower beds saving the front 

beds to water tomorrow. 

Then indoors about 3:30 PM, showered, dressed, ate bacon and pinto beans 

along with usual salad while watching 'Criminal Minds' on TV, my prayer and to


**TODAY. After publishing my daily blog and tweeting several tweets that are 

shared to Facebook, I need to copy certain documents that are being FedEx to

me from Wells Fargo in Minnesota, have the paperwork notorized and then I 

have to drive with the documents and a stamped self addressed envelope to the 

Wayne County Recorder in Wooster to have recorded and then they will mail the

documents back to me and then I have to fax the documents back to Lily in 

Minnesota. I feel like a dog chasing my tail. The complications of refinancing a 

dwelling are endless. 

I also need to be at Dr. Kwok's for an appointment at 2:20 PM, so maybe I can 

accomplish both with 1 visit to Wooster. 


**Why are old people charged more for things like health insurance, life 

insurance and other things than when they were working. I do get a break at 

stores such as Ace Hardware, Lowes, Home and others, but that's because I'm a

veteran. What about the older people who are not veterans? They pay the same

as the younger people who are working. Some restaurants offer discounts for 

senior citizens, but that's just "a drop in the bucket."

When I was working, I paid less than $100 a month for health insurance and 

about the same for two life insurances, the grand total of about $200. I've been 

retired for almost 20 years and the older I get, the more the cost of the life 

insurance which I eventually had to drop. The cost of my health insurance is now 

over $500 a month and goes up every year.  

However, I'm grateful for having 3 health insurances, Medicare A & B., Anthem

and Tricare for Life because I remained in the military for over 20 years, 17 years

as a member of the USAR (United States Army Reserve). I usually pay nothing 

for prescription medications, doctor's visits and/or stays in the hospital. 

I feel sorry for those older people who stand in line at a pharmacy spending in 

cash or by credit $100 or more for their prescription medications they cannot 

afford. I'm sure many cut back on food and other things necessary for their 


I wish, I being just one man, could do something to help them with their life. 


*Saudi Arabia will now allow women to drive. Another small step for the human


*I see that Google is celebrating their 19th birthday. Happy Birthday, Google.

*A diamond the size of a tennis ball sells for $53 million. 

*Arecibo Observatory, the 2nd largest radio telescope in the world, has suffered 

only minor damage in the wake of Hurricane Maria. 

*They say that the flu vaccine is more effective if you are in a good mood.

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