Wednesday, September 27, 2017

27 Sep 17 - 1033 EDT - Tweets.


10:41 AM 9/26/2017 EDT.

*Equifax suffers all out data breach. CEO Richard Smith retires. 

*10 NCAA basketball coaches charged with fraud and corruption.

*The soon to be the end of the world advocates were wrong in the past, but 

they say now that it has just been postponed for a while.

7:01 AM 9/27/2017 EDT.

*Saudi Arabia will now allow women to drive. Another small step for the human


*I see that Google is celebrating their 19th birthday. Happy Birthday, Google.

*A diamond the size of a tennis ball sells for $53 million. 

*Arecibo Observatory, the 2nd largest radio telescope in the world, has suffered 

only minor damage in the wake of Hurricane Maria. 


*The Cavaliers are a step closer to a NBA Championship with Dwyane Wade 

coming to Cleveland. 

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