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28 Sep 17 - 1413 - blog - Eye surgery.

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"Of our five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, sight is the most 


Forrest Caricofe

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sight is the most important."


**YESTERDAY. I spent most of the morning publishing 2 blogs, 1 related to me 

being old and 1, an accumlation of Tweets over the last several days. 

Wade Plumbing was here most of the day, an inconvience to our daily routine, 

but necessary because of the Wayne County Code. This house was built in 1945

when I was a baby at 3 years old, maybe having an outhouse out back. Later on 

growing up, I remember an outhouse at my grandmother Caricofe's home in 

Bridgewater just southeast her house. My grandparent's Cline had many modern 

conveniences for that time including indoor plumbing and fresh water pumped from

the spring in Naked Creek.

**TODAY. I have an appointment to have the surgical removal of a cataract and 

the insertion of a stent into my left eye. I had asked earlier of the pre-op nurse

"what are my chances of surving the surgery" and you know what she said? 

"Your chances of survival are 110% percent" and both you and I know that's an 

outright fib. If I don't survive the surgery I'll either wake up to see God or the 

devil and I'm hoping for the former, but one never knows until I get there. 

If I survive, I'll keep you updated and I if don't these are the last words you'll 

hear from me. I've never heard of anyone communicating from Heaven or hell. 


**I'm alive. Am I glad? Perhaps. 

I remember when my heart stopped in February of 1998 and maybe seeing a 

long white tunnel. At that time I was upset for some reason at the people who 

kept me alive by doing CPR (cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and using the 

paddles in the first hospital (Dunlap Hospital in Orrville) that the rescue squad 

took me to. 

Was I tired of living and wanted to die? I don't think so because I don't now.

Was it because I desired a different enviornment or atmosphere? Maybe. 

Am I glad that I survived the surgery today?

Sure I am.


*Hugh Hefner dead at 91.

*Sources say that China's siding with the U. S. against North Korea is 


*Fearing an almost certain Mount Agung eruption, 120,000 more flee Bali, 


*Nepal's newest living goddess is a 3 year old girl.

*New Zealand voters elected Prime Minster Bill English again as their prime 

minister, beating 37 year old, Jacinda Ardern in a close vote.

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