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3 Sep 17 - 0753 EDT - blog - My family tree.

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"It ain't always where you were born and raised that's important, it's where you 

end up living that's important."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 3,370,000 results (1.27 seconds). 

No results found for "It ain't always where you were born and raised that's 

important, it's where you end up living that's important."


**YESTERDAY. I spent most of the day indoors publishing my daily blog except 

for driving to my bank in Orrville and then driving to Wooster to Walmart and 

Lowes. I was hoping to find a case of Purina Proplan Veternary Diets EN 

Gastroenteritis dog food for our dog, Dolly Jo, but when I searched online, Petsmart

said they carried it, however when I got there a sign said Petsmart Coming Soon. 

So, because Monday is Labor Day, I'll have to wait until Tuesday to go to Dolly 

Jo's veterinarian at the Country Corner Animal Clinic at the intersection of U. S. 

Route 30 and Kidron Road to buy a case of her dog food. 

At Walmart I purchased a plastic bottle of Fine Himalayan Pink Salt, having at 

least 81 minerals or more as there are in the human body, a loaf of gluten free 

bread and 2 bags of regular black mulch. 

I went to Lowes to try and find a perennial fern with no luck, but I did find some 

tomato stakes to hold up some sunflowers that are leaning toward the ground. 

After driving back to house, I drove again to Orrville to McDonald's and 

Dravenstott's Restaurant for takeout. 

To the house again to prepare and eat my salad while watching 'Law and Order,

Special Victim's Unit' on TV and then my prayer and to bed. 

**TODAY. There was a mist of a rain coming down from the Heavens yesterday,

not enough to adequately provide the plants and the yard with enough moisture

after having been dry for so long. 

The forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 73° and 54° with scattered 

showers, I hope. After publishing my daily blog, a postcrossing and 1 video, I 

need to go out doors to spread the 2 bags of black mulch and the 1 bag of pearl 

black mulch, fill the bird feeders, dig up weeds and plant some flower bulbs.

I can't think of anything else I need to do, but I like staying busy, so I know I'll 

think of something else to do.

I need to thank my sister, Nancy, for sending to me a check for $75 and she 

wrote change in the bottom left hand. I'm assuming it was for change I left when

I returned to Ohio. 

I also need to thank Jamison Well Drill & Pump Services out of Mansfield, Ohio 

who replaced our rusted and leaking tank. They sent to me a check of a little over

$30 with no reason on the billing statement. I complimented them on Facebook 

and other social media sites, maybe that's the reason?


**I've finally got my DNA analysis from AncestryDNA through an email. 

I usually investigate the honesty of things that are unknown to me and Googled

this question: How accurate is the AncestryDNA analysis? 

My search, in 1 of many, read "How Reliable Are Home DNA Ancestry Tests? 

Investigation Uses ...

"Feb 21, 2017 - The sisters were confused and disappointed with the results. But 

not everyone was disheartened by the results. The Ancestry DNA test results for 

the New Jersey triplets were almost identical. It revealed that their roots are 

largely from Great Britain, 45%-47% and their Italian and Greek ancestry was 

exact at 25%."


From above it appears to me that the AncestryDNA analysis is accurate and not a 

con game, so let's proceed with my results from AncestryDNA:


10 Ethnicity Regions

Shows where your ancestors came from hundreds to thousands of years ago.

 Ethnicity Estimate

Thousands of years ago:

Africa < 1%

Low Confidence Region

Africa South-Central Hunter-Gatherers < 1%

Other Regions Tested

Africa Southeastern Bantu 0%

Africa North 0%

Benin/Togo 0%

Cameroon/Congo 0%

Ivory Coast/Ghana 0%

Mali 0%

Nigeria 0%

Senegal 0%

Asia 0%

Other Regions Tested

Asia Central 0%

Asia East 0%

Asia South 0%

Europe 95%

Europe West 55%

Iberian Peninsula 15%:

People in this DNA ethnicity group may identify as: 

Spanish, Portuguese, Hispanic.

Iberian Peninsula Ethnicity:

"Separated from the rest of continental Europe by the Pyrenees Mountains, the 

Iberian Peninsula lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. 

Gibraltar, at the peninsula’s southern tip, is just a little over nine miles from the 

north coast of Africa. This proximity would play a major part in the history and 

identity of Spain and Portugal."

Ireland 13%

Great Britain 5%

Low Confidence Region

Europe East 4%

Scandinavia 2%

Italy/Greece < 1%

Other Regions Tested

European Jewish 0%

Finland/Northwest Russia 0%

America 0%

Other Regions Tested

Native American 0%

Pacific Islander 0%

Other Regions Tested

Melanesia 0%

Polynesia 0%

West Asia 4%

Low Confidence Region

Middle East 3%

Caucasus < 1%

"The Caucasus or Caucasia is a region situated at the border of Eastern Europe 

and Western Asia, situated between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. 


Countries: Russia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia, Iran."

1 Genetic Community™

Shows where your ancestors probably lived in the past few hundred years. 

"A Genetic Community is a group of AncestryDNA members who are connected 

through DNA most likely because they descend from a population of common 

ancestors, even if they no longer live in the area where those ancestors once 


Genetic Communities™

Hundreds of years ago:

Early Settlers of Pennsylvania, Ohio & Indiana.

All of the Cline's and Caricofe's I thought were pure German because our 

surnames are German don't have even a trace of German according to my DNA 


Like me, most of my relatives were born and raised in Virginia. And of all my 

relatives I know of, the only ones that have returned to their roots of hundreds 

of years ago are my sister, Nancy and her husband Harry's son, Timothy, who 

lives in Pennsylvania, my Uncle Lester and his family and I who live in Ohio. 

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