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30 Sep 17 - 0757 EDT - blog - Sight is the most important of the 5 senses.

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"Please God, help those that are blind or only have partial vision."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 2,910,000 results (0.96 seconds). 

No results found for "Please God, help those that are blind or only have partial 



**YESTERDAY. I published my normal daily blog, a blog about someone who 

mailed a picture postcard to me who lives in Tver, Russia and a blog of my 

Tweets over the last several days. My Tweets are tweeted from Twitter, of 

course, then the tweet is shared to Facebook. When I have a page full of tweets, 

I copy and paste them to my editor, and then copy and paste to 

OnlyWire who share with over 20 networks. 

It was suppose to rain, but hardly a drop, so I watered all the flower beds about

5:30 PM. We have had the longest drought that I can remember for this area of 

the country. The corn and soybeans are turning brown, not because of the lack of

rain, but because of their maturity. I could see while I was watering the flower 

beds that the farmer was harvesting the soybeans at the west border of our 


I followed my usual routine after coming back indoors, preparing and eating my

salad while watching 'Law and Order' on TV, my prayer and to bed. 

**TODAY. Wade Plumbing finished their work in the house yesterday and the 

final inspection by the Wayne County Health Department was a thumbs up. 

By installing a pump and new piping they directed the gray water to the sewer 

system south of the house instead of it running into the ditch along and south of 

Smucker Road. 

They did an excellent job and I would recommend them to everyone. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 63°and 36° with

mostly sunny skies, climbing to 80° on Tuesday and rain on Thursday.

I had been hoping for several days of 3 digit temperatures, but it looks like I'm  

going to have to wait until next summer for that to happen.


**At my 11:20 AM appointment at the Wooster Eye Center, Dr. Steiner said  to 

me that I could drive again. I probably cannot drive again at night until my 

right eye cataract removal surgery in mid October. 

The five main senses are sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch, I having excellent 

of the 4 senses for my age except for sight which I believe is the most important. 

What if we could not drive at all because of blindness or partial vision caused by 

my affliction of glaucoma destroying most or all of my peripheral vision?

What would you or I do under these circumstances? 

1.    I would need a white cane and a guide dog and I would have to be trained to

use my guide dog. 

2.    Can I still use my computer to type my daily blogs and tweets? I won't know

that until blindness is a part of me.

3.    Can I do the routine tasks of living like feeding myself, drinking, using the 

bathroom and other daily rituals? Again, "I won't know that until blindness is a 

part of me."

In the end, I can say this. I have done things for myself all my life except when I

was a child and I, now, will not condone someone helping me with my life.


*The U. S. is withdrawing over half of their embassy staff because of unspecific

attacks on American citizens.

*2:27 PM 9/29/2017 EDT. Today is National Coffee Day. You all know I really 

like coffee.

*Comet K2 is the farthest comet ever seen!

*Tom Price, HHS secretary, resigns after complaints about his using taxpayer's 

money for chartered flights. 

*For the 3rd time in a week a rock climber has fallen in Yosemite National Park.

*Pot smokers favorite fast food restaurant is McDonald's. I thought you'd just 

like to know.

*Almost $200,000 was stolen from a homeless customer by a former bank teller.

Shame on you former bank teller and those who are like you. 

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