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7 Sep 17 - 0753 EDT - blog - "I'm healthy as a horse."

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"Health is mostly a matter of nutrition and exercise."

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 8,130,000 results (1.22 seconds). 

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**YESTERDAY. I talked to someone from Google Adwords after they sent me an

email saying that they were offering me a free consultation. Was it like having a 

free consultation before a colonoscopy? You know I'm just kidding about that. 

Her name started with a B and her office was in Michigan, 1 of the many offices 

Google has around the world. I could hear people in the background talking/

gossiping as we talked about the good or bad contents of my particular key 

words. After hanging up, Google gave to me the chance to take a survey and I 

bragged a lot about B, also saying to see my blogs or videos, just Google forrest

caricofe blog and/or Google forrest caricofe YouTube. 

After publishing 2 blogs, 1 a postcrossing, I drove to Wooster to Drug Mart,

Staples and Walmart. At Drug Mart I picked up an prescription medication and 

then to Staples to order a 1000 new business cards that will cost me around $24.

At Walmart, which is a 10 minute walk north from Staples, I purchased milk and

Glucerna, a diabetic drink. I wanted some regular black mulch, but Walmart had 

sold out and I did not take the time to drive to Lowes. The next time I drive to 

Wooster, I'll pickup 3 bags of black mulch at Lowes and about 5 mums to plant in

the 5 back flower beds. 

After returning to the house, I went out to the southeast flower bed to pick 

tomatoes. There were a lot of ripe romas and at least 5 of the larger red kind 

from a different plant. I still do not see yellow tomatoes planted in memory of 

Mother who liked them because of little acid. I did find 3 tomato worms which 

are hard to find because they are green, the same color as the tomato plant.

I brushed them off, 1 I could see on the ground puking green, probably a 

defensive behavior. 

And then into the house where I prepared and ate my salad while watching 

'Cops' on TV then my prayer and to bed.

**TODAY. It's early (4:14 AM 9/7/2017 EDT) and as soon as I drink at least 1 

mug of coffee, I'll figure out something to say for today. 

5:41 AM 9/7/2017 EDT. OK, I've thought of something to say. About time, isn't?

I need to published my daily blog I'm working on and another of postcrossing 

that I sent a picture postcard to who lives in Hua Lian Shi, Taiwan. 

I produced 4 videos yesterday, none worthy of publishing on YouTube. I was too

far away from the web cam, so I'll need to try again getting closer to the web 


The weather forecast calls for a high and low temperature of 65° and 47° with

scattered showers. I need to spend some time outdoors sowing grass seed where 

I've sprayed weed killer, the mostly wire weeds are dead now and all I need to 

do is rake the dead weed from the brown areas and sow grass seed at that area 

in the yard.

There is almost always a task that I don't anticipate, so I'll reserve time for that.


**Why am I so healthy at my age? I'm almost 75 years old and have just minor 

ailments such as what my Father use to say "I'm all stoved up," meaning to me 

that both he, at the time, and I, at this time, are sore and our muscles and joints 

need stretching out. I do have high blood pressure because I'm a little over 

weight and I injest too much salt. I take 2 prescription medications for high

blood pressure, 1 is Lisinopril which I call Listen to April and the 2nd is 

Metoprolol which I call Marco Polo. With weight loss, I believe that I can quit 

taking at least one of these pills. 

I look at other people about my age, more or less, and see that they walk 

stooped over, walking with a crutch or riding on an electric cart. I'm sorry for 

them, but it is most often there own fault for the way they've lived. 

How do I live or have lived?

1.    I've stood upright almost all my life, standing just now typing my daily blog 

while stretching my body parts. I don't enter a room looking for a place to sit 

down, I look for a place to keep standing.

2.    My long hair remains brown when it should be, at least, turning grey and the 

only hair I lose more that normal is when I comb it out after showering. Like a 

hairball. Ouch, that combing out the tangles hurts. 

3.    I work outdoors in the flower beds and the yard that requires me to use my 

hands in the dirt. This makes me immune to some illnesses that people who are 

house cats would not be immune to. 

4.    I eat better than most of those my age. Fermented foods to prevent stomach

and colon diseases. I eat gluten free foods to prevent "bloating or gas, diarrhea, 

fatigue, headache, "brain fog," and itchy skin rash." Is A Gluten-Free Diet Good 

For Our Health? Last updated, Mon 19. December 2016, By Honor Whiteman

Reviewed by Natalie Butler, RD, LD 0.

I eat several different and lone fruits daily, eating no sugar additives except for 

fig newtons, and a lot of chips with high salt content. 

And I take vitamin supplements to prevent numerous ailments and aid in the 

slight enlargement of my prostrate. 

5.    My mental attitude is good, perhaps because of the 2 anti-depressant 

prescription medications that I was told to take several years ago. I don't believe

that I was depressed, I'm just friendlier than most people. One of these help me 

to sleep like I mentioned before. The prescription is Seroquel that I call Sarah 


Bottom line. Life long standing and moving about as well as eating the most 

nutritious foods, and maybe in part owed to genetics, have allowed me to be 

quite healthy and I thank God for that.

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