Monday, September 18, 2017

postcrossing - 18 Sep 17 - 0958 EDT - Yevpatoria, Crimea, Russia.

My message to someone I'm mailing a picture postcard to:


With your address from postcrossing, I've sent you a postcard (US-4886056).

I've told about your country, city and/or town on my web site: just 

Google = Forrest Caricofe or go to:

I post to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, digg, blogger, Pin interest, Linkedin, 

Tumbler, Stumbler Upon and and other social media sites and upload my own 

videos to YouTube. 

The picture postcard I sent to you will or is already uploaded to several social 

media sites including Facebook and most of those above. 

If for any reason you think I should delete it, let me know and I will do so when 

I check my email which I do daily. 

Email me at



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: 



"Eupatoria or Yevpatoria is a city of regional significance in Crimea, a territory 

disputed between Ukraine and Russia after Russia annexed Crimea in March 


Area: 25.1 mi². Area of Smithville: 1.25 mi² 1.24 mi² Land / 6 acres Water.

Temperature: 83°F. Temperature here: 81°F, Indian summer.

Population: 105,719 (2014).  Smithville's population: 1,263 (2014) an increase 

of 11 people since the 2010 census (1,252).

Republic: Republic of Crimea. Country: United States.

Postal code: 97400 — 97490. Postal code here: 44677-9713.

Area code(s): +7-36569." Area code here: 330. 

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