Wednesday, September 6, 2017

postcrossing - 6 Sep 17 - 0911 EDT - Wuxi, China.


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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:


City in China

"Wuxi, a city near Shanghai in eastern China, sits on the banks of Taihu, one of 

China's largest freshwater lakes. Surrounding Taihu are walking trails, a 115m-

tall Ferris wheel and parks such as Yuantouzhu (Turtle Head Isle). Another major 

park is Lingshan, whose notable Buddhist sites include the bronze Grand Buddha 

statue, which is more than 80m high.

Temperature: 75°F. Temperature here: 62°F.

Local time: Wednesday 8:51 PM. Local time here: Wednesday 8:51 AM.

Province: Jiangsu. County: Wayne.

Plan a trip:

3-star hotel averaging $32, 5-star averaging $78.

23 h 45 min flight, from $1,401."

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I said on the back of the picture postcard that I lived 50 miles south of Cleveland and 

Lake Erie, the oldest, shallowest and treacherous of the 5 great lakes.

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