Wednesday, October 11, 2017

11 Oct 17 - 1112 EDT - Family Circle.

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"Does our actions, at times, prevent us from bonding with our family members?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 2,940,000 results (1.20 seconds). 

No results found for "Does our actions, at times, prevent us from bonding with 

our family members?"


**YESTERDAY. I accomplished very little, publishing my daily blog and 2 more of

a collection of my Tweets for the day.

I phoned CenturyLink, our landline phone and internet provider to see if could 

get a better deal on their DirectTV, but it would have saved just a few dollars. 

They did say, however, that I could increase my internet speed from 1.5 GB to 4 

GB with no cost. The lady that I talked to works out of her home and lives in 

Florida. Next month through next March, I'll wish I were there. 

**TODAY. My instructions from the lady I talked to in Florida yesterday was to 

wait until after 6:00 PM EDT yesterday, then unplug my modem, wait over 10 

seconds, plug the modem back into the outlet and then I would have 4 GB 

internet. Sounds simple, but I still have no internet at all after following her 

instructions 3 times. 

I'll try again for 2 times or more and if I don't get my 4 GB internet, I'll have to

phone CenturyLink again at 1-877-787-3987.

CenturyLink opens for business at 8:00 AM EDT being 7:07 AM 10/11/2017 right

now, I'll have about 43 minutes to wait. It's like waiting for an old friend to come


I need to drive everyone today to Wooster for an appointment to see Dr. Kwok, 

our primary care and an old people's doctor all in one. During my several visits to 

his office I've learned that most of the staff know each patient by their first name 

or in my case by my middle name. There are 2 nurse Jessica's, a receptionist 

named Elizabeth who I call Elizabeth III because Elizabeth II lives in England, 

Ronnie who takes blood for testing and Valerie who has a variety of duties. 

Dr. Kwok's parents were born in Taiwan when it was known as Formosa and he 

was born in Hong Kong and then his family immigrated to the U. S.


**I have reasons for not answering my phone, the number 540-383-3442 which 

I obtained in Virginia in the Shenandoah Valley area while I was helping take of 

my Mother until the end of her life.

The main reason I don't answer is that I'm busy with my blogs, tweets, videos 

and other responsibilities and when there is no name attached to the incoming 

call, I won't answer. 

I've received many calls from the 540 area code as well as incoming calls from

Arizona, Nevada, California, Washington D.C. and at least 1 incoming call from 

the United States. I wonder were they where? Just to name a few. 

I believe I'm repeating what I said before, either email me at: or you can reach me through notifications on Facebook and 

maybe some other places like Twitter, those related to Google like Google + 

and/or YouTube owned by Google.

I guess what I'm saying is that I'm sorry for not answering some of the 540 area

code incoming cell phone calls. You see I was born and raised in the Shenandoah 

Valley of Virginia and maybe one of those calls is from someone I know.



*Just talked to CenturyLink, our internet provider, who upped our internet 

speed from 1.5 GB to 4 GB. It will now be to fast for me to read.

*Foxnews and Breitbart on the right, AlteNet and Wikinews on the fence and 

CNN (Chaotic No News) and others on the left.

*"We who know nothing only pretend to know nothing, we who pretend to know

everything, know very little."

*"Fires Seen from Space! Satellite spots California wildfires from...."

*"Does our actions, at times, prevent us from bonding with our family 


*"What Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, and More Are Saying About Harvey 

Weinstein." Vanity Fair. 

*I was a sociology major in college. I don't appreciate Supreme Court Justice

Roberts calling sociology "gobbledygook."

*"A wise woman or man will be shy about their accomplishments, a fool will brag

about their exploits."

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