Friday, October 13, 2017

13 Oct 17 - 0851 EDT - Tweets for today.


*I don't get mad and try to stay away from angry people. A bad temper results

in making other people aggravated and resolves nothing. Forrest.

*"Speaker (Ryan) Determined to Get Tax Reform Passed By Christmas." Flat tax would be appreciated. 

*I'm going to start early this year purchasing gifts for Christmas and what I'll

probably do is wait until the 1 day before Christmas?

*I just saw a popup on AlterNet: "Google Is Clamping Down on Progressive 

News—Fight Back." would like a donation.

*"Trump administration pulling US out of UN agency (UNESCO)over 'anti-Israel  

bias.'" Why must they still suffer?

*I've always liked to go camping, mostly alone, at camping facilities just off the 

interstates when I'm traveling in my 1986 Honda Accord.

*Do we live to collect material possessions or to help other people? Which do 

you believe in?

*"Ophelia is the 10th hurricane in a row. That hasn't happened since 1893," 25 

years before my parents were born. MiamiHerald

*"Researchers find preserving spotted owl habitat may not require a tradeoff 

with wildfire risk after all."

*"Trump clears way for ObamaCare 'alternatives' in new executive order, goes 

around stalled Congress."

*"Satellite Finds Upside-Down Canyon. It was hidden in Antarctic ice...."

*I had bear spray/pepper spray as defensive weapons, but I gave the bear 

spray away, so I need to buy something in case of a home invasion.

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