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"Are we all abnormal to some extent?"

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. After publishing my daily blog and 2 collections of tweets, I went

outdoors to gather up some more tomatoes and peaches. No peaches, but I did

manage to find a few roma tomatoes. I thought I had planted a yellow tomato

plant in memory of Mother who liked them because of their less acid taste, but I

apparently planted only roma tomato plants. I have 25 or more sunflowers, most 

of them growing wild and dying now with the onset of winter. I've tried to grow

over the last few years a sunflower that looks like a flowering dandelion, but no 

luck so far. 

I watched college football on and off all day, all close games, hearing later on in

the afternoon that 4 teams out of the top 10 had been defeated.

**TODAY. Besides publishing my daily blog and at least 2 collection of tweets, I 

have several projects that will keep me busy. I need to install a paper towel 

holder to the left and on the wall of the sink in the basement. Piece of cake. 

One project I need to consider is painting with rough white paint the room 

where the well pump, the water conditioner, mop, broom and other things are at.

The next is to begin painting the wooden areas inside and outside around the 

windows on the outside enclosed deck. The caulking and sanding is completed I 

have have several gallons of white outdoor paint and paint brushes. The paint 

brushes are the best and are made by Wooster Brush in Wooster.


**I have a lot of things on my mind today. Mostly it's questions with no answers.

I believe that we are here on earth mainly to help others, God and the Bible 

disagree with that. If I disagree with God and the Bible, am I on the side of the 


Being almost 75 years old with many experiences has me looking back to see if I 

wronged people I've met and need to make it right with them. If they've passed 

to Heaven, guilt will become my constant companion because I didn't apologize 

to them while they were alive.

I know I have not been the best son to my parents, being gone a lot and no 

communication between us and that was my fault, not theirs. 

I sometimes feel bad that I'm in such good health, the others around me having

many ailments. Is one reason I've stood most all my life and most others have 

sat? Or do I, in part, get my health through genetics from my Father and 


Some people believe I'm too friendly, especially to strangers. I see nothing 

wrong in that my Father being aggressively friendly, my Mother friendly in a 

more reserved sort of way. Being friendly, like some of my other character traits,

I got from parents who set the example. 

Some people believe I'm the "black sheep" of the family much like my Uncle  


There is a man in this part of the country they call "Crazy Bill."

Am I "Crazy Forrest?"

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