Tuesday, October 17, 2017

17 Oct 17 - 1211 EDT - Shame on DIRECTV!

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"Most all of us are addicted, much like a heroin addiction, to watching 


Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 14,400,000 results (0.98 seconds). 

No results found for "Most all of us are addicted, much like a heroin addiction, 

to watching television."


**YESTERDAY. I published my daily blog and 2 collections of tweets. The rest of 

the day I spent driving everyone to Wooster to a Life Hospice Antique store and 

to the Country Corner Animal to see our pet, Dolly Jo's verterniarn, Dr. Gerber. 

He said that the growth on her tail was just wart-like and after pulling the scab 

off, he said it was not anything serious. Her temperature was up slightly, giving 

her an antibotic shot in the neck and a vessel of antobotics to adminster 

everyday at the house. 

I then drove to Rite Aid, and then to China Buffet and McDonald's for takeout. 

**TODAY. After publishing this daily blog I'm working on right now (6:06 AM 

10/17/2017 EDT), I hope to publish 2 collection of tweets, sand the outside of

the enclosed back deck, then paint, then wet-dry vac the room that holds the 

water pump, water conditioner, clothes hamper, laundry detergents, mop, broom

and some other things I cannot remember and paint with the rough paint I used

on the deck flooring. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 64° and 39° with 

sunny skies, the humidity at 56% and the winds at 12 miles per hour. It was 

quite cool yesterday with a high of 56°, I still went without a coat and long 

pants. I'll wear shorts until it gets below 30° or lower, my legs always stay 

warmer than from my belly button up. 


**DirectTV has become a pain in the arse. I received a bill in the mail yesterday 

for $412.99. They added what I already paid last month, $179.77, to the present 

charges of $233.22. In the present charges they charged me $110.81 for 

DIRECTV Channels were it was suppose to be $69.00 plus tax. They also charged 

me $103.83 for DIRECTV CINEMA & Pay Per View which I told them I didn't 

want. The Activity Since Last Bill of $5.91 and Other Charges, Adjustments

& Taxes of $12.67 I'll accept. 

I also have a bill for Bill Varney who died at 7:43 AM on July 12 of this year. His 

account number was # 4098971 and the bill was for $289.21, DIRECTV CINEMA

& Pay Per View $219.49. The charges were for August and September after he 

died.  Shame on you DIRECTV for billing someone in Heaven.

Besides that I've made numerous phone calls to DirectTV sometimes on hold 

form 1 to 3 hours.

I'll have my husband, Forrest, copy and paste this information to his website: as his daily blog and send this information to 

you to your email:

My account information is as follows:

Account # 23225189




If I receive no satisfactory answer, I'll email this same information to the FCC 

(Federal Communications Commission) and to Ohio Attorney General Mike 

DeWine - "Search Consumer Complaints› Individuals and Families › Consumers

Search Consumer Complaints." 

I just found out that DIRECTV no longer has a email contact option. 

Maybe I can contact them through Facebook. Success! "There's more than 1 way

to skin a cat."

There is an ad on TV for Sling TV. I need to check that out. 

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