Wednesday, October 18, 2017

18 Oct 17 - 0739 EDT - Tweets.



*"Greek parliament votes to legalise sex-change without operation."

*Aren't we all mostly alone in our world at birth, living and dying?

*"Wishing for Trump's Impeachment? 5 Reasons the Next President Could Be 

Even More Dangerous." Jacob Sugarman /

*Those of us who are healthy must help those who are not.

*"Trump Rally Pushes Dow to Record 23,000!" Now is the time to


*I'd like to think that I can take care of myself requiring little help from few

people. It's like standing alone with little assistance.

*"Trump Iran speech emboldening ordinary Iranians to speak out against 

regime." FoxNews. I wish Kim Jong-un's people would do the same.

*Those of us who are burden with guilt should not do so because God will 

shoulder our guilt for us.

*"Talks among US, South Korea, Japan center on North Korea." Do we have no way of assissnating Kim Jong-un?

*"You can exercise yourself to death, says new study." New York Post.

Imagine that!

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