Wednesday, October 18, 2017

18 Oct 17 - 1042 EDT - Tweets.


*"Women of NASA Lego Set Coming, Nov. 1!

*Those of us who believe in one race of people must come together and 

convince others of the same.

*"Las Vegas hotel security guard to appear on Ellen DeGeneres show." 

*If we believe we are not the person God intended us to be, then must take 

every effort to better ourselves.

*"Royal baby name odds - revealed for Prince William and Kate .... third child 

including Victoria, Arthur and Grace."

*"Hillary can't help herself from helping Trump." Fox news is just

trying to confuse an almost 75 year old man.

*"Wednesday's Mashup: NFL TV ratings down 7.5 percent through Week 6." I'm to bed about 8:00 PM, too late for me.

*"New York police round up wandering cow in Brooklyn park."  Holstein, Guernsey, Angus or Chalet? 

*"Puerto Ricans still don’t have reliable drinking water, and fears of 

contamination are rising."

*"NFL Panic Index 2017, Week 7: Life after Aaron Rodgers begins for the 

Packers." SB Nation.

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