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19 Oct 17 - 0703 EDT - blog - Remembering the past.

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"Does remembering our past guarantee us our future?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 8,210,000 results (0.96 seconds). 

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**YESTERDAY. Besides my usual publishing's, I took down about 25 dying 

sunflowers and placed them on the fire pit for burning later on after the dried 

cornfield is harvested, tightened the paper towel over the sink in the basement,

drove to Orrville to Ace Hardware to purchase 4 carbon monoxide detectors and 

a small Phillips screwdriver. 

**TODAY. I'm planning to sand around the windows on the outside of our 

enclosed deck and then paint both the inside and outside around the windows 

with outdoor white paint. 

We have not mowed the lawn for a month or so because of the recent 2 week 

drought. We have received 2 days of rain since then and that grass seed I sowed 

makes the lawn look 100% better than when we purchased the property in 2001.

I promised to keep you updated on the deaths of 2 friends of ours, but there is 

nothing new so far. We do know that the male who died had little money and no

family except for us and that the State of Ohio will bury him, not his funeral, if no 

one claims his body. I'll keep you updated.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 71° and 42° with 

mostly sunny skies, a relative humidity of 62% and winds at 12 miles per hour.

We'll have low 70° temperatures until next Tuesday when the temperature 

dips to 60° with rain on the same day and the following day on Wednesday.


**My Tweet of just a few minutes ago reads: "Remembering our past paves the 

way for our future.

I'm not bragging when I say I have an excellent memory for my age at almost 

75. I am sure those responsible are God and my parents. 

If we do remember the past, at least in part, we should make fewer mistakes in 

the future, but being human I've made the same mistakes more than once.

Making the same mistakes more than once are due, in part, to me not 

remembering that part of my past. 

If I would have written all my mistakes down on paper then I would know what 

mistakes I made, but now it's too late. Do I fret about it? No, I'll just continue to 

make the same mistakes while living the best quality of life that I can.

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