Friday, October 20, 2017

20 Oct 17 - 1042 EDT - Tweets.


*"Bus-Size Asteroid Buzzing. Don't worry, it won't hit us."

*"Women lead the world because they are multitaskers."

*"Nursing shortage strains U. S. hospitals."

Meaning the pay will go up. Consider nursing for a occupation.

*"Los Angeles Police Open Weinstein Sex Assault Investigation." . Enjoys the publicity before he's locked up for life.

*"Watch a Spacewalk Live now! Coming at you live from the international space


*"Paul Ryan launches digs at Trump, Democrats in charity dinner speech." Ryan's starting to act like Senator McCain.

*"Your brain knows when you've just died, researchers say." Government money for that type of research?

*"Arrangement of light receptors in the eye may cause dyslexia, scientists say." Better use of government money.

*"Live Now! Hubble Webcast! See amazing Hubble photos at 8 pm ET."

*"Hanks: 'It's all got to change' after Weinstein." Yes and convince all of your Hollywood cohorts,


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