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20 Oct 17 EDT - blog - Women are multitaskers.

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"Women lead the world because they are multitaskers."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. After my usual publishing's I spent most of late morning and early

afternoon in sanding the caulked places on the inside and outside of the enclosed

back deck, sucking up the debris with the wet dry vac, washing and allowing to 

dry and then painting the inside with an outdoor white paint. It was getting too 

late, so I cleaned the wood flooring with the wet dry and replaced the deck 

furniture and called it quits for the day. I'll attempt to paint the outside of the 

deck tomorrow if the wind isn't too strong because I know if I attempt to paint in

a strong wind much of the paint will end up on me. 

After showering and dressing, I drove to Orrville to Rite Aid for a prescription

medication, 2 cases of water for $5, four 2 liter bottles Sprite for $5, to CVS for 

two  6 packs of Glurcerna with a 20 % off coupon and to Ace Hardware for a 

small fan.

**TODAY. I need to get back to deleting some of my videos on YouTube that 

I've ignored for sometime. Those with 20 views or less I'll delete. I have 

another video planned related to the healthy foods that I eat and, hopefully, can 

accomplish that in the next day or so. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 72° and 44° with

sunny skies, relative humidity at 49% and winds at 5 miles per hour. The 

extended forecast calls for middle 70 degree temperatures through Monday and 

then dipping to 56° the next day with rain foretold by the weather forecasters 

on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

With sunny skies and the wind at 5 miles per hour, I should be able to finish 

painting the outside of the back enclosed deck today.


**Multitasking. I've touched on this subject before because I have a good 

memory. It is believed by some so called experts that women are multitaskers 

and men are hard pressed to accomplish even 1 task at a time. 

Although I'm not a woman, transgender or other, I sincerely believe I think 

about and carry out many tasks at one time. 

For an example. Right now (7:37 AM 10/20/2017 EDT) I'm typing my main daily

blog on my computer on the top of my dresser (1), exercising my body at the 

same time, (2) thinking about my subjects to type about (3), drinking coffee(4), 

smoking a cigarette (5), trying to decide what I'll eat to chase my morning pills 

with (6) and other things too numerous to mention. 

Doesn't that mean I'm a multitask-er? Sure it does. 

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