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21 Oct 17 - 0841 EDT - blog - Rejoice, don't grieve over those that have went to Heaven.

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"We should rejoice and not grieve when our friends and/or relatives go to 


Forrest Caricofe

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relatives go to Heaven."


**YESTERDAY. I published my daily blog and a collection of tweets. I deleted 

many of my videos that had 20 views or less on YouTube and now I have 63 

videos counting the one I haven't published yet of the border cornfields being

harvested and the back enclosed deck that I've been painting. 

I spent the remainder of the day driving to Orrville twice to purchase gasoline 

for the Honda and lawn tractor and other items we needed for the house.

The grass that I sowed is really looking good, about 4 inches tall much like my 

hair that's more than 4 inches down past my shoulders. There are still places in 

the yard where wire grass is prevalent, so I need to spray weed killer on the wire 

grass and after 5 days or so, sow fall grass seed. 

I didn't have time to paint the outside of the back enclosed deck, hoping that I'll

have time to do that tomorrow. 

**TODAY. I've been reaching out to the past so to speak to reintroduce both you 

and I to my last quotes of my last 850 stories (blogs). When I get enough to 

fill a page, I'll publish those collection of quotes which are kin to I HAVE 

SOMETHING ON MY MIND for the day. I've got a lot of work cut out for me, 2 

years, 120 days of quotes and stories (blogs). However, I've always been up to a

challenge of any nature all my life. 

The weather forecast for Smithville, Ohio calls for high and low temperatures of 

74° and 49° with partly cloudy skies, relative humidity at 58% and winds at 7 

miles per hour. The high for the week will be tomorrow at 76° with rain on 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with the temperature dipping down to a high 

of this week to 49° on Wednesday.


**I found out yesterday that our 2 friends, Lonnie and Laura, that had died lying 

in bed together were both cremated having little or no money of their own. 

Lonnie had no money and no family except for us, his father who dying sometime 

in the past and his mother rejecting him since he was born. 

Laura has a family with little money, but her sister has planned a graveside 

service at a grave site in Coply, Ohio off  U. S. Route 21. We will attend that service 

which is scheduled for today at 1:00 PM. 

Their manner of death is still a mystery, most believing that is was because of 

carbon monoxide poisoning or a heroin overdose. According to reports, the 

toxicology findings will not be complete for another 2 weeks more or less and 

we'll have to wait until then to find out what caused their deaths.

An old wives tail says that deaths come in 3s, Bill dying on July 12, Lonnie and 

Laura dying just a few days ago.  

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