Saturday, October 21, 2017

21 Oct 17 - 1031 EDT - Tweets.


*"The Best Coding Toys for Kids." By Jesse Emspak,

*"We should rejoice and not grieve when our friends go to Heaven."

*Who are we to say what's best for all of us, that's God's burden not ours.

*"Trump: Feuding With Congress 'Helps' My Agenda." 

Looks like the Hatfield's and the McCoy's feud in West Virginia.

*Part of the Hatfield - McCoy feud/war was fought both in West Virginia and 


*"Amazing Hubble Telescope. Photos of Space."

*"Israeli athletes barred from representing country in Abu Dhabi's grand slam."

/ Will God ever end their suffering?

*"Republican speaker Ryan roasts Trump." You 

were mad at each other yesterday and now you're laughing together?

*An old wives tail says that deaths come in 3s, Bill dying on July 12, Lonnie and 

Laura dying just a few days ago.

*I being almost 75 years old, I'm going to look in to a cell phone and a cell plan 

for seniors. 

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