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22 Oct 17 - 0721 EDT - blog - 'He Stopped Loving Her Today.'

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"We must not grieve for long for a loved one's death, but move on, keeping the 

memory of them in our hearts."

Forrest Caricofe

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move on, keeping the memory of them in our hearts."


**YESTERDAY. After my usual publishings, I dressed in dress black pants, white 

dress shirt, tie and my hiking shoes, no underwear or socks not needing them

meaning free of not needed clothing. We were all dressing for Laura's graveside 

service at 1:00 PM in Copley, Ohio just driving north on U. S. Route 57, driving

east on U. S. Route 585 and then north again on U. S. Route 21 to the Copley 

off-ramp. A more detailed account of Laura's graveside service is typed under  


**TODAY. After publishing my daily blog, a collection of tweets and publishing 2

videos on YouTube, I hope to finally have the time to sand and paint the outdoor

side of the enclosed back deck. This is the 3rd day without sanding and painting,

the exterior white paint, paint brush in a glass jar filled with water and step 

ladder are waiting on the outside deck.

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 76°and 54° with 

partly cloudy skies, a relative humidity of 60% and winds at 10 miles per hour.

Today's temperature at 76° will be the high for the coming week with a 

prediction of rain for the next 3 days, with the lowest high temperature this 

coming week of 49° on Wednesday. Because of the prediction of rain for the next 

3 days, this might be my last chance to sand and paint for a while.


**I told you yesterday that we were going to the graveside service of our friend 

Laura. I'm sure she was quite pleased with the service honoring her and planned

by her sister. The burial site was in the southwest corner of the cemetery 

where all her deseased relatives were buried except for 1 whose ashes were 

buried in Colorado.

The preacher invited those in attendance to speak if they cared to and and all 3 

of us spoke, Carolyn, Ryan and I. I judged Carolyn to be the best, Ryan next and 

then me, a man of few words, "I knew Lonnie for a very long time and Laura for 

a short time, but I cared about them both."

As usual, I talked to many people before and after the service, all strangers to 


I met 1 man and his wife, he being a veteran because of the cap worn on his 

head reading U. S. Army. His service was different than most veterans that I've 

talked to, a Vietnam era veteran, but spending all of his time state side in 


I also talked to a young man and his pregnant wife with 2 beautiful children, a 

girl and a boy and 1 on the way, another boy the wife said. I asked if they were 

going to have another child to try for a  girl to even things out. She smiled and 

said no, this is the last child we're having. 

Although Laura's sister had arranged the service, the one who seemed to be in 

charge was the aunt. She was constantly moving from 1 of Laura's friends or 

relatives and I didn't get the chance to talk to her. 

The one I talked the most to was the preacher's wife. Although she was very 

young she was very knowledgeable about many things we had in common.

Her daughter had suffered a tradegy in her life and I recommended that her 

daughter seek grieve counseling from a foundation I know so well. It had its'

beginnings from a woman preacher, her name forgotten to me now because of 

the time that has passed. Her firstborn daughter was taken by God in the first 

few months of her life and her name was Sadie Rose. Thus, the Sadie Rose 

Foundation who helps anyone that's grieving over a loved one.

Laura and Lonnie both loved each other and died beside each other in their bed.

Although the situation is not the same, I believe that George Jones' song "He 

Stopped Loving Her Today" would be appropriate.

I'll share his popular country music song to several social media sites.


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