Sunday, October 22, 2017

22 Oct 17 - 1925 EDT - Tweets.


*, my Century Link 4 GB or the internet is so slow today that I 

believe I'll die before my publishing's are finished.

*Give what we have, leaving nothing but what we need.

*"See the Week's Best. A shadow on Jupiter is only the beginning ...."

*May all of us live as if today will be our last.

*"Gold from Neutron Star. This bling is out of this world!"

*If forever is a few short days away, let us live with wisdom and with grace.

*"Trump plans to bring 'biggest tax cuts ever' in US history, praises Kelly."

*"Blue Planet II: coming 29 October."

*Titans 3-3, Browns 0-6 are behind the Titans 9-6. Are the Browns going to be 

0-7 after today?

*"9.7-million-year-old teeth discovery in Germany could re-write human 

history." USA TODAY.


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