Monday, October 23, 2017

23 Oct 17 - 1041 EDT - TWEETS.


*All of us in our world must stick together against the evil that is ISIS (Islamic 

State in Iraq and Syria).

*"United States judges block third version of President Trump's travel ban."

*"Lloyd's of London estimates net claims for Hurricane Maria of $900 million."

Reuters Staff.

*"Should states rely on nuclear power to combat climate change?"

*We who help the poor and downtrodden will certainly inherit the Kingdom of 


*Twitter remains AWOL (Absent Without Leave), 10:01 AM 10/23/2017 EDT.

*"John McCain Dings Trump's Vietnam Draft Deferment Without Using His 

Name." Chris Sosa.  

*"Christopher Salviati Discusses the Mortgage Interest Deduction ...."

*We know that we will not live forever, so why do we fear death? 

*"What if the iPhone 8 Plus is better than the iPhone X?"

iPhone 8

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