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24 Oct 17 - 0651 EDT - blog - Ohio Mega Millions.

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"It is a sin to be addicted to gambling."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. I published my daily blog about greed, 2 collections of tweets and

1 video. 

I then drove to Orrville to Bell Stores (explained in more detail under I HAVE 

SOMETHING ON MY MIND) below. I then drove to Dollar General for needed 

items for the house, to my PNC Bank to inquire about an IRA rollover, a short  

walk to Buehler's Fresh Foods to purchase a pear and a small plastic container of 

pimento cheese on sale. 

Back to the house, unloaded my purchases and then parked the Honda at its' 

usual place at the eastern side of the garage facing to the front like I was taught 

in the military for fast reactions to any potential enemy.

It rained most of the day, staying inside to work more on my publishing's. 

**TODAY. The first game of the World Series will begin tonight at Dodger 

Stadium at 8:09 PM on FOX/YouTube. Dodgers against the Astros. I won't watch 

it because I'm in bed by 8:00 PM or a few minutes after so I just have to wait 

until around 5:00 AM in the early morning to see who won this first game. 

The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 55°and 38° with 

showers, relative humidity of 71% and winds at 17 miles per hour. All 

temperatures for the coming week are decreasing except for Friday when the 

high temperature will be 67°. It seems like I've lost friends, spring, summer and 

fall to the dreaded cold of winter. 

There is nothing on the schedule for today, so besides doing what I'm doing now,

5:44 AM 10/24/2017 EDT, I cannot think of anything else that I need to 

accomplish. But knowing me, I'll think of something.


**I  drove to Orrville to Bell Stores Marathon to purchase my maybe once a 

week cappuccino and a Mega Millions lottery ticket with the same numbers I've 

played for years: pick 5: 4, 8, 18, 19, 40 and pick 1: 8. My Mother's birth-date, 8th

month, 4th day, my Father and Mother's birth year, 1918 and the year that they

were married, 19 and 40. 

I complete my ticket so that I have these same numbers for 10 straight draws 

lasting a few days over a month's time.  I've always played the Mega Milions 

because the cost is $1 per play whereas the Powerball is $2 per play. Well, guess 

what? After the lottery drawing on this coming Friday the Mega Millions will 

increase to $2 per play. 

I'm an advocate of public education. Last years cost of education in Ohio 

exceeded the prior FY (Fiscal Year) cost by 22.6% or $1.6 billion. Since the 

lottery's beginnings in 1974, the Ohio Lottery has made more than $20 billion in

payments to education. 

Since I favor education, being the recipient of public education, I'll not fret nor 

complain about paying $20 dollars for 10 straight plays in the Mega Millions 

game instead of $10.


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