Tuesday, October 24, 2017

24 Oct 17 - 0723 EDT - TWEETS.


*To remain slim and trim eat to live, to be overweight live to eat.

*"'Supergirl' Goes to Mars. And the Curiosity rover makes a cameo!"

*After the lottery drawing on this coming Friday the Mega Millions will increase 

to $2 per play.

*"Parents complain after Ohio school sings cotton picking song."  Don't parents have anything better to do???

*Quit complaining about the public schools.  Pay for a private school and teach 

your kids cursive writing and stop bit&$@#*.

*Google search page today: "Watch the World Series live on YouTube TV."

*It is a sin to be addicted to gambling, but I only play Ohio Mega Millions, 10 

straight plays, same numbers, at $20 for a month's plays.

*Why must men like Billy Joel choose child brides/girl friends when there are 

many women with grace and wisdom his same age???

*"Five United States ex-presidents raise relief funds at hurricane event."

*The first game of the World Series will begin tonight at Dodger Stadium at 8:09 

PM on FOX/YouTube. Dodgers against the Astros. Forrest.


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