Tuesday, October 24, 2017

24 Oct 17 - 0911 EDT - TWEETS.


*I'm sure glad that Twitter is working today, I believe President Trump hogged 

the air ways yesterday.

*"London. "Hackers breach top plastic surgery clinic including TV star Katie 


*"GM swings to third-quarter loss on charges from European unit sale."

GM (Government Motors), another donation?

*"Poll: Trump Approval Rating Dips to 42 Percent. More fake 

news from CNN (Chaotic No News). 

*"Saturn Is Simply Beautiful! See Saturn & its rings shine in NASA's latest ..."

*"Synthetic opioids are driving an overdose crisis."

*"Eric Trump and Don Jr. Are Planning to Open 'Plantation-Style' Luxury Hotels 

in Poor Black Areas." Sarah Burns.

*"Fallen soldier's father receives promised $25G personal check from Trump."

*"Alzheimer's may be preventable in a decade." 

*I have everything in my room I need, not want. Mini fridge, microwave, food, 

clothes in a cedar closet and many other things that I need.


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