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25 Oct 17 - 0614 EDT - HEALTH.

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""There is an old saying that goes "I'm as healthy as a horse's arse.""

Forrest Caricofe

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horse's arse.""


**YESTERDAY. I published my main daily blog and 2 collection of tweets and 

then drove everyone to see Carolyn's brother who leaves in Berea, Ohio which 

is located a short distance southwest from Cleveland. Besides Ryan and I we took

along our dog, Dolly Jo, whose sister lives here whose name is Muffin. Much like 

some of us humans, Muffin has become overweight with years of table food and

unlike Dolly Jo cannot jump on a couch/chair or run as she did when they both

were less than a year old. 

Like my Father, I like driving at high speeds, driving at an average of 80 miles 

per hour on interstates on Interstate 76 and Interstate 71, sometimes just 

keeping up with traffic, sometimes passing every vehicle in sight. 

**TODAY. Besides my usual publishing's, I know of nothing on my schedule, that 

I keep above my medicine cabinet within arm's distance from where I'm 

standing right now. 


**What do old people, like me, talk about when we get together. Because the 

weather is constantly around us, we may talk about the weather. 

Another thing old people might talk about is their health because most old 

people have more ailments, because of age and more doctor visits, than younger


I believe that I'm more healthy than other people around my age (74). All these 

things I'm about to tell you I've mentioned in my daily blogs of the past. 

My present maladies:

1.   Muscles are sore most of the day and "I'm all stoved up" (my Father's 


2.   All my senses are excellent except for sight. I have glaucoma and need eye 

drops morning and night to keep the pressure down.

I recently had surgery on my left eye to implant a stent and a lens and to remove 

a cataract. I'm scheduled for a pre op tomorrow and then the same surgery on 

the right eye on November 15.

3.   I have carpel tunnel because of the many years I've worked with my hands,

sometimes my fingers forming a claw against my wishes. I have difficulty 

opening bottles, but as long as I can type I'll not have the surgery. 

4.   I have arthritis of the back which does not produce any recognisible  pain 

and I absolutely refuse to injest any medication for pain.

5.   I'm a little overweight, not obese, at 206 pounds down from 212 pounds 

about 2 months ago. I've weighed 175 pounds almost all my life and need to get

down to that since you know that extra pounds means more ailments.

6. That's about it, not so many health challenges for an older man. 

I eat some gluten free foods and 4 fermented products that are good for gut and 

bowl health. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. I also eat a lot fish, my favorite 

source for protein. I also stand and/or walk a lot sitting just a few times a day. 

And what I've typed so many times before from my 369th post, 18th February 

17: "The expenditure of energy creates energy."  


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