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27 Oct 17 - 0742 EDT - My eye doctors.

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"Those of us who can see are blessed, God please help those who are blind."

Forrest Caricofe

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those who are blind."


**YESTERDAY. It was cool with few clouds, a beautiful day to my way of 

thinking, but I had other things to do and could not enjoy the weather. 

I published my main daily blog and 3 collections of tweets most of them not 

tweeted. My daily blog and 2 collections of tweets was published before I went to 

the Wooster Eye Center for my pre-op exam before the surgery on my right eye

to remove a cataract and implant a stent and a lens. Dr. Steiner said to quit using 

the steroid drops in my left eye meaning that the same surgery on my left eye 

had healed completely. I know many of the staff by name other than Dr. Steiner,

all friendly and an all women support staff with with 4 ophthalmologists ruling 

the roost. I now have an all women support staff at the Wooster Eye Center and 

an all women pharmacy staff at Rite Aid in Orrville. Why? Because women are 

multi-taskers and men are not. 

I published my 3rd collection of tweets in late evening before going to bed for 

the night.

**TODAY. The weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 68°and 

39° with partly cloudy skies, relative humidity at 60% and winds at 14 miles per

hour and rain tomorrow. 

I hope I'll have time to go outdoors today to burn the dried plants and weeds 

in the fire pit and to sow Weed and Feed in the southeast quadrant, maybe 100 

by 40 walking steps, that promises to kill everything but the grass. I also have 

13-13-13 fertilizer which I need to sow on the flower beds and the yard. 

I hope to publish as much as I did yesterday and with nothing on schedule I'd 

pretty sure I can make this happen.

For the remainder of the day, only God knows. 


**I have eye doctors in 4 cities. 

Eye Optics off Center Road in Omaha, Nebraska, the male doctor's name I can't 


Here in Ohio at the Wooster Eye Center my doctor's name is Dr. Steiner who is 

the youngest and who, I believe, is the brightest of the 4 ophthalmologists on 

staff. I've not seen any of the other 3 ophthalmologists, so I don't know that for 

sure. If any of you 3 other eye doctors' believe I'm wrong, please contact me at

My 3rd eye doctor, a woman, is in Las Vegas and because of the many doctors I 

went to, referred by my primary doctor, a physician's assistant and a southern 

belle to boot, I've also forgotten her name. 

My 4th eye doctor is Dr. McCormick in Harrisonburg, Virginia on Emmaus Road 

back of the south end truck stop on U. S. Route 11. I had taken Mother there for 

a second opinion and she was quite surprised that there were dogs in the office.

I believe that at first she thought it was an animal clinic, but I assured her it 

wasn't. I always went with Mother into the patient room and  after her exam by

Dr. McCormick, he told her to come back in 2 years. I, on the other hand, because 

of my glaucoma, had to come back in 6 months. It was a time when Mother had 

forgotten our names, she laughing/smiling when she said the younger man who 

took her to Dr. McCormick had to return in 6 months whereas she had to return 

to his office in 2 years. 



"Board Of Medicine Targets Local Eye Doctor.

Pete DeLea May 11, 2017 

"More than a year after a Harrisonburg eye doctor shut up shop unexpectedly, 

the Virginia Board of Medicine is preparing to revoke his license.

In February, patients reported arriving for their appointments with the Dr. Robert 

McCormick only to find the doors shuttered.

Several newspapers were stacked up by the door at the office located on 

Emmaus Road, near the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles office, but there 

was no signs of the doctor.

The Board of Medicine sent McCormick a letter Wednesday advising him of a 

disciplinary hearing on June 23. The letter was sent to now shuttered office.

In a statement of allegations, the Board of Medicine states he “abandoned” his 

practice. The statement noted his was the sole practitioner.

The statement claims McCormick asked his staff to cancel his appointments for 

Feb. 17 and 18 but never returned to the office.

“Dr. McCormick did not provide notice of his ongoing absence to patients, he did 

not transfer his patients’ care to appropriate health care providers, nor did he 

make medical records available to re requesting parities,” according to the 


The Virginia Board of Optometry requires licensed ophthalmologists to notify 

patients in a “reasonable” time if they plan to terminate or relocate their 


Forty complaints from patients unable to be seen by the doctor or obtain medical 

records were made to the Board.

His license was issued in 2000 and expired in May 2016. A revocation would 

prevent him from being re-licensed or practice again in Virginia.

It’s unclear if McCormick is practicing elsewhere.

Attempts to reach McCormick were unsuccessful.

McCormick disappeared before, leaving his patients wondering where their doctor 


In March 2014, the Augusta County Sheriff’s Office asked the media to publicize 

his disappearance with the hope the public might be able to help find him.

At the time, deputies reported that he was despondent and possibly intended to 

harm himself.

The then-45-year-old Augusta County resident returned home safely shortly after 

the case went public.

No area police departments have issued a missing person alert in the most recent


You know what I think? Because of the evidence of dogs in Dr. McCormick's 

office, he may be privately going back to college to become a veterinarian or 

maybe he just wants to be free like me.


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