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3 Oct 17 - 0741 EDT - blog - Sporting events.

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"What would we do with no sporting events to watch?"

Forrest Caricofe

Google search: About 61,600,000 results (0.91 seconds). 

No results found for "What would we do with no sporting events to watch?"


**YESTERDAY. Could I have done any more in 1 day?

1. Published 2 blogs and several Tweets to Twitter which shares to Facebook.

2. Took the trash containers to the front for Waste Management to pick up.

3. Phoned Goodwill and Restoration Thrift to pickup mostly household items from

the garage that had been stored by a former supposed friend. Restoration 

Thrift said they would be here at 1:30 PM. 

With many previous warnings to remove the furniture, nick knacks, clothing, etc. 

from our garage, they called Restoration Thrift just in time time to cancel and 

later showed up to began loading and hauling away the stored items. They didn't 

show up again after that 1 load. If they don't show again, Ryan and I are going 

to have a yard sale with the rest of the items.

4. Direct-TV showed up to fix Ryan's remote and before he left, I gave him a 

quart bag of tomatoes and the same size bag of peaches, the same quantity I left

earlier on top of 1 of the 2 containers for the Waste Management employee. 

5. I talked by phone to Lily at Wells Fargo office in Minnesota concerning our 

application to refinance our house. She said we should be able to complete the 

application on or about October 26 after the title agency comes to house on the 

afternoon of October 20. 

6. I later drove to Orrville to General Dollar to purchase a calculator and to 

Subway for takeout. 

**TODAY. We are planning to go to Wooster to Walmart to do some much 

needed grocery shopping. The only items I need for myself is 2 glass bottles of 

Kimchi at about $5.50 each and 1 plastic container of fermented yogurt at about 


The weather forecast has changed again. I guess I'll have to be a little more 

flexible. The highs and lows will be 80° and 51°, sunny skies with about the 

same prediction for tomorrow. Yesterday's forecast called for rain for the next 6 

days, but now it calls for rain only on Friday and Monday. 


**If you are a sports fan or not, almost everyone are in someway touched 

by sports games either by going to games in person or watching them on


"In 2014:

1.  35 percent of fans call the NFL their favorite sport, 

2.  followed by Major League Baseball (14 percent), 

3.  college football (11 percent), 

4.  auto racing (7 percent), 

5.  the NBA (6 percent), 

6.  the NHL (5 percent) 

and college basketball (3 percent)."

America's favorite professional football teams:

1.    Green Bay Packers, quarterback Aaron Rodgers, age 33.

2.    New England Patriots, quarterback Tom Brady, age 40.

3.    Pittsburgh Steelers, quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, age 35.

I've lived in 4 states in the last several years seeing jerseys worn by Packers, 

Patriots and Steeler's fans even though they are a lot closer to other cities that 

host professional football. 

Why is this? Is it because they like the aging quarterbacks? Or is it because their

family tree liked 1 of the 3 professional football teams from above and passed 

down for decades? I don't know for certain.

Why is professional football America's favorite sport? Is it because of the 

gladiator like games of Roman times? Do we enjoy seeing hard hits and injuries?

I know I don't. I enjoy close games that are exciting and use the remote to 

change channels if the score becomes lop sided. 

The Cleveland Browns are the nearest professional football team and I know I 

should root for them, but they, after a 3 year absence and rejoining the NFL in 

1999, continue to have an almost perfect record this season at 0-4. 


12:50 PM 10/2/2017 EDT.

*The toll in Las Vegas is rising. At Least 58 confirmed dead. President Trump

will visit on Wednesday.

*In my answer to the below (gun control): "guns don't kill people, people with 

guns kill people."

*Satellite images show Puerto Rico in the dark from power outages. 

4:48 AM 10/3/2017 EDT.

*"Facebook says 10 million US users saw Russia-linked ads." Reuters. 

*"CBS fires VP for writing 'Republican gun toters' killed in Las Vegas don't 

deserve sympathy.'" Washington Post. Another Hillary lover. 

*"CBS Legal Exec: No Sympathy For Vegas 'Because Country Music Fans Often 

Are Republican.'" The Daily Caller. I do like country music.

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