Monday, October 30, 2017

30 Oct 17 - 0718 EDT - Ten tweets most of which I haven't tweeted.

Ten tweets most of which I haven't tweeted.

"Our worldly ways will cause God's harsh judgement at the end of our life.

*Most of my tweets are not tweeted, but included in a collection of ten tweets

that I publish.

*Still wearing shorts and no socks, wearing a winter coat, my body getting 

cold from the belly button up, not from the belly button down. 

*Does being alone mean you're lonely? Certainly not for me.

*"Iran Says Its President Turned Down a Meeting with Trump.

"Liar, liar, pants on fire."

*"Heroin epidemic kills at least 23 Ohioans each week."

*Why is it that some people must resort to heroin, morphine, Oxycontin and/or 

Vicodin to bring happiness to their lives?

*"10 year old child in Ohio stole his Mother's car, driving at speeds in excess of 

100 miles per hour."

*"Nintendo expects Switch will beat Wii U lifetime sales in a year."

*Vikings 33, Browns 16. Browns and the 49ers are at the bottom of the 

NFL standings, the barrel bottom dwellers of the NFL.  


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