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4 Oct 17 - 0726 EDT - blog - Orrville Post Office.

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"Are we wiser for working all our lives? Sure we are."

Forrest Caricofe

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**YESTERDAY. Published 2 blogs, 1 about sport fans and the other a compilation

of statistics of my sent and received picture postcards as a member of 

I later drove to Walmart in Wooster for much needed and mostly grocery items.

I always like going to Walmart or other retail stores because almost everyone is 

friendly, not having a family member with them who could cause conflict or 


The K-Mart in Wooster has finally closed its' doors, having few items on the 

shelves and few customers over the last 10 years more or less. J. C. Penny has 

left Wooster and seems to be going on a downward slide like K-Mart. 

**TODAY. It has rained here only a few drops in the last 2 weeks or so, but the 

weather forecast calls for high and low temperatures of 80°and 54° with isolated

thunderstorms, I hope! We are having our 2nd Indian summer and I'd like to 

have Indian summers until the 1st of May, 2018. It also calls for rain on Friday, 

Monday and Tuesday, then temperatures will drop from 80° to 66° on 

Wednesday. Durn it!

I still have peaches and tomatoes to gather from the back flower beds and 

hopefully I'll have time to cut off dead flower parts and dig up all of the 

sunflowers that are nearing the end of their life. These I'll place on the flower pit 

for burning later on after the farm fields of corn are harvested on the east and 

south borders of our property. The corn is very dry with the drought and the fire 

pit is about 3 feet from the south corn field, so I'll wait because I don't have the 

money to pay the farmer for a destroyed by fire cornfield.


**I told you once before that I had over 50 jobs in my life time. Some were 

simply a day or 2 and some were promotions. I've never been fired because I've

always worked hard, my parents setting the example. I've had jobs selling candy

on the streets of Los Angeles to putting toys together just before Christmas for 

Sears & Roebuck in Houston. Those hard times are behind me now because I 

stayed in the U. S. Army (mostly reserve time) for over 20 years, enough to draw

a small pension and Tricare for Life (health insurance). I also receive an average 

amount of Social Security each month, paying into the government retirement 

program since about 1958.  

I've been retired for 19 years, quitting all jobs after my heart stopped in 1998,

but did work for Walmart in Omaha for about 2 and 1/2 months, 1 and 1/2 years


The longest job I've ever had was with the Orrville Post Office where I worked 

for 18 years with military time bringing the total number worked to over 21 

years. I also have a pension from working there, the smallest because over $500

is deducted for health insurance. I met a man the other day who I'd worked with

at the post office. Neither of us recognized each because if the almost 20 years 

that had gone by, but he saw the sign on the Honda which is a duplicate of the 

front of my business card and with my name, Forrest Caricofe. 

He asked me if I remembered us going on strike at the post office? I did 

remember, but not in much detail. He said that he would email to me a photo of 

that event long years, I thanked him and I will upload that photo today.

As opposed to today, I'm at 175 pounds, short hair and about 35 years younger.


5:24 AM 10/4/2017 EDT

*"Trump to visit with first responders, victims' families in Las Vegas."

Las Vegas Review-Journal.

*Keith Urban to lead country music stars in tribute those killed and their families

in Las Vegas.

*"Ford to stake future on trucks and electrification."

*"Yahoo says all three billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft."

*"Trump Says He Groped Melania in Public, Ivanka Looks Down on Him, in Newly 

Released Recordings."

*So, Trump groped his wife. Did Bill Clinton grope his wife? No, he prefers other

women, not Hillary. 

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