Wednesday, October 4, 2017

4 Oct 17 - 0841 EDT - My Tweets of October 2, 3 and today.


12:50 PM 10/2/2017 EDT.

*The toll in Las Vegas is rising. At Least 58 confirmed dead. President Trump

will visit on Wednesday.

*In my answer to the below (gun control): "guns don't kill people, people with 

guns kill people."

*Satellite images show Puerto Rico in the dark from power outages. 

4:48 AM 10/3/2017 EDT.

*"Facebook says 10 million US users saw Russia-linked ads." Reuters. 

*"CBS fires VP for writing 'Republican gun toters' killed in Las Vegas don't 

deserve sympathy.'" Washington Post. Another Hillary lover. 

*"CBS Legal Exec: No Sympathy For Vegas 'Because Country Music Fans Often 

Are Republican.'" The Daily Caller. I do like country music.

*"3 Scientists Win Nobel in Physics for Detecting Gravitational Waves."

By Jeanna Bryner , LiveScience Managing Editor.

5:24 AM 10/4/2017 EDT

*"Trump to visit with first responders, victims' families in Las Vegas."

Las Vegas Review-Journal.

*Keith Urban to lead country music stars in tribute those killed and their families

in Las Vegas.

*"Ford to stake future on trucks and electrification."

*"Yahoo says all three billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft."

*"Trump Says He Groped Melania in Public, Ivanka Looks Down on Him, in Newly 

Released Recordings."

*So, Trump groped his wife. Did Bill Clinton grope his wife? No, he prefers other

women, not Hillary. 

*"Happy Birthday, Sputnik. The Space Age is 60 years old today," born in the 

year (1957) when I was 15 years old.

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